Inzaghi’s conference live

The Derby d’Italia is a Scudetto challenge this season. The Nerazzurri coach: “At the beginning of the season I would have signed to be in this situation”

Juventus-Inter it is never a match like any other in Serie A. The Derby of Italy it carries with it a particular load of tension, this year even more with the Scudetto on the horizon. The first to speak on the eve of the match is the Inter coach Simone Inzaghi: “The match against Juventus is always important, but this year is the right one to give a signal to everyone. I expect the result.” L’Inter is in full battle for the championship: “At the beginning of the championship I would have signed to be in the race and with a cup already on the bulletin board, but there are always criticisms”.


What game do you expect against Juventus?
It will be a very important challenge and there could not have been a better match to give a strong signal to the environment and to ourselves.

Are you more serene with Brozovic available?
We all know how crucial it is to us. He worked well and will train again today entirely with De Vrij.

How motivation do you have for this challenge? Is it mandatory to win for the championship fight?
All together we only worked two days. It’s up to us with important performances, with anger and character to do more. We know where we were seven games ago, before losing points and results rather than performance. With race, aggression and determination we have to play a great match against an opponent of great value in a difficult stadium. We will play with personality and character.

How do you explain the decline of Inter and how to get out of it?
All the top teams have had a difficult time. Ours coincided with the return of the Champions League and the derby lost against Milan. At the beginning of the year I would have signed up to be with this ranking in April and have won the Super Cup, playing for the Scudetto and a Champions place which is the goal requested by the club.

What do you expect from this match?
I expect the result. As far as performance is concerned, they have never been lacking, even the latest data confirm this. We create a lot despite having only scored seven points in the last seven games. We want to achieve a result knowing that nine games from the end will be nine finals, but the one against Juventus is the most demanding for us.

Do you face Juventus in a particular way as if it were a dry match?
This is the Derby d’Italia, it is not the same as the others and it is very much felt. We have to play a great match in Turin and the result will have a big impact on morale and the standings, but then there will be eight more games and the Coppa Italia.

Do you feel too much skepticism towards Inter?
Criticisms must be accepted, they are part of our profession. I know how to distinguish the constructive ones to improve myself, while those built to art I do not take them into consideration.

Do you have to claim the Scudetto and the Super Cup won?
We have already met Juventus this year, but we know that they are in a great moment with an important streak that has brought them back to where they deserve in the standings.

Is there any player you have particularly studied?
We know Juventus well. In January with Vlahovic and Zakaria they invested heavily because they wanted to improve, even if they were already strong before. Vlahovic, Dybala, Kean and all the others are worth keeping an eye on.

What did you tell the team so as not to repeat the mistakes?
I did not like the approaches with Turin and Fiorentina. Then we did well in the second half, but this does not mean that we have to start the games better because it will be a decisive aspect against Juventus.

Will he remain at Inter regardless of the possible economic difficulties of the club?
I depend on the results. I am proud of the choice made in June and of which team I would inherit. Together with my staff we have done a great job that has raised everyone’s demands thanks to our performance. We are in full swing with a cup on the bulletin board, but there is no shortage of criticism.

How’s Barella doing?
In recent days he has worked well like the other national teams even if they have received severe disappointments in the national team. This is football, they have to put what happened behind them.

What do you think of the fact that Allegri is convinced that Inter are favorites for the Scudetto?
It’s his opinion, I have no problems and there is great mutual respect.

Do you know how to beat Juventus: is it an extra weapon?
The importance of the match charges you. I have recent past against the bianconeri in which we have had excellent matches. Away will be more complicated, but we have the obligation to play a real Inter match.

Missing the goals of the midfielders maybe from outside the area?
It is a general discourse. Our danger index has always been the same throughout the championship. It is a moment like this, but we are working on our flaws.

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