“It will be a bad game. Bonucci is fine”

TURIN – After the knockout against Inter, Juve must immediately restart and to do so they will have to return to success already in the match scheduled for Saturday at 20.45 at Unipol Domus against Walter Mazzarri’s Cagliari. The bianconeri, who before the defeat against the Nerazzurri were returning from 16 consecutive useful results in the league, must now look over their shoulders – José Mourinho’s Roma are at -5- to defend the fourth place which at the end of the season would mean qualification for the next one. Champions League edition. In front there will be the Sardinian team, in full fight not to relegate and back from four knockouts in a row. Massimiliamo Allegri, in the press conference on the eve, presented the match against the rossoblù in this way.

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Allegri: “In Cagliari it will be a technically very bad race”

What answers do you want from the team tomorrow?

“Tomorrow is a complicated game, playing in Cagliari is always difficult and they come from a bad defeat in Udine. They are a physical team that lifts the ball a lot, in my opinion it will be a bad game. Tomorrow the three points count a lot for us, we must not lose sight of our goal ”.

Same tactical solution tomorrow?

“Today we will do last training and we will see the conditions. Locatelli will be missing who will be out for four weeks, the disqualified. We are not very many but it does not have to be an excuse. Today I will evaluate whether to play with two or three midfielders “.

How’s Bonucci doing?

“Bonucci is much better, I evaluate whether to let him play from the start or take him to the bench”.

Does the approach to competitions become the risk of this season finale?

“Our goal has always been to finish fourth. Now we have Roma at five points but we have to be careful. We can’t reduce ourselves to risking Roma getting close. Regardless of the match that comes out, we have to get into the game.”

Did you do specific work on the mistakes made in the last few meters?

“I think the team has behaved well up to now. We have been missing in the three best games we have played, with Atalanta, Villarreal and Inter where we were not very lucid in the last meters. So we have to work, I can understand once, twice, but three begin not to be a coincidence “.

Is it a coincidence that Rabiot did one of the best duo races?

“It is normal for Rabiot to be better at two. With Inter he played a good match technically, then afterwards there are matches where we need to play three. Sometimes he will play well and others not, the important thing is that the team gets the result”.

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Allegri: "Post Inter reaction?  There can only be one ..."

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Allegri: “Post Inter reaction? There can only be one …”

Could it be the right match for Bernardeschi?

“For him, for Kean, for Vlahovic. It has to be for everyone because at the moment we can’t joke, we need to be more precise in the offensive phase”.

Can McKennie be back this year?

“At the moment he is still walking, still late. We hope he will be available again within a month because there are still 4-5 games to go.”

With Inter he did not win despite deserving, in his career he was criticized for having won without deserving. Has he thought about it?

“I didn’t think, I analyzed the match. I always think clearly about what the team is doing this year, I think every team gets to the position they deserve. From now until the end of the season we can only improve, we almost always one game a week and we can work. Deserving to win is abstract stuff “.

Does it make sense to keep insisting on Dybala who is out of the project?

“In this month and a half we have time to work but at the same time we have goals to achieve. All the players I have have to contribute to achieving the goals, regardless of whether one stays or goes away. You have to stay focused. Then this compliment stuff. it bothers me, because then you find alibis. There must be no compliments, only victories. “

Merry, future? Present first!

Why is Juve struggling to score?

“If we look at the numbers of what’s missing … Juventus created a lot in the last three months, then we were not very precise in scoring goals. We need to be more effective in the coming weeks.”

Did you still think about the Scudetto before Inter?

“By beating Inter you had a little hope, but you had to win all the games, which is impossible. Now you have to turn around and score as many points as possible, but tomorrow we have a complicated game because in the space of a week we risk going from fighting to the Scudetto to have Roma close “.

Do you have any regrets for the season?

“There should be no regrets in life. We are fourth and we deserve to be fourth, we had an important opportunity with Inter and we didn’t take advantage of it. The rest is all hot air. What are we talking about? “.

Juve, one month stop for Locatelli

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Juve, one month stop for Locatelli

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