Italy is still great thanks to Lavagno and Oradini

M15 Marrakech (MOR, red clay) – WINNER: Edoardo Lavagno

The tournament in Marrakech ends in the best possible way for Edoardo Lavagno (# 390 ATP), who comes out the winner from the last match with Nicholas David Ionel (# 353 ATP), seeded number one and big favorite on the eve, 6-4 6-2. The Turin southpaw becomes the protagonist of a great performance, in the wake of the entire Moroccan trip, and wins his fourth career title, just over a month after his first season success in Punta Cana. The new one also comes with everything best-ranking, certainly a familiar feeling for him, who in 2021 was the second Italian ever (behind only Flavio Cobolli) to climb more positions in the standings: just think that in January 2021 he was even out of the top thousand in the world. We reached Edoardo by telephone to get a comment from him: “A game that I knew would be difficult because I had already played with this opponent at the end of 2020 (on concrete) and I had lost it at the tie-break of the third. He is a very solid player who serves well, but luckily I guessed all the tactical choices, always remaining in control of the exchange, and then try to accelerate with my forehand. Above all, I was cold in moments that could have become dangerous. Now I go back to Italy and train for a few days, then I should play the Challenger of Sanremo“.

As for the other Italians on the scoreboard, the win at the debut of the qualified Andrea Gola over the third favorite of the seeding Jose Vidal Azorin (# 455 ATP), great protagonist of last season’s finale, stands out.

M15 Sharm El Sheikh (EGY, hard) – WINNER: Giovanni Oradini

Another round, another Italian double: in fact he reigns in Sharm El Sheikh Giovanni Oradini (n.546 ATP), in the first hurray of his career. For the product of Mississippi State the redemption comes immediately after the final lost on this same field seven days ago, by the hand of Samuel Ruggeri: beaten in the final 2-6 6-3 6-1 the Russian Kirill Kivattsev (n.700 ATP) , still looking to repeat Georgia’s title in the now distant 2017. The Rovereto puts the icing on his great start to the season, which saw him arrive twice in the final and as many in the semifinals; we contacted him to find out about his future plans: “I am obviously very very happy. After all, in the last three months I was playing well and so let’s say that victory was a bit in the air. Now I go home for a couple of days off then I go to Padua to play the BNL pre-qualifiers for the Rome Internationals. Then we will see with my coach whether to go to Nottingham or Santa Margherita di Pula. Or in the alternative to Monastir“.

The tournament was also good for Lorenzo Rottoli, who went up to the quarterfinals against the finalist Kivattsev: the second round match was particularly intense, from which he emerged as the winner against fellow countryman Marco Brugnerotto, tds number 4, who gave up after about three hours of match. However, disappointment for the winner seven days ago, Samuel Vincent Ruggeri, who in the special remake of the final was defeated by Francesco Vilardo on his debut.

M25 Medellin (COL, red clay) – WINNER: Benjamin Lock

The protagonist you do not expect: in Medellin he triumphs in fact Benjamin Lock (# 459 ATP), in its eighth career, the first since the pandemic changed the course of things. The 29-year-old therefore finds a way to console himself after the recent relegation of his Zimbabwe to the Davis Cup, a competition of which he is now a veteran (he has about 50 appearances to his credit), also thanks to the lack of competition among those called up for the national team. In the palmares of the native of Harare, that of Medellin is the first laurel achieved on a surface other than concrete, although the almost 1500 meters of altitude of the Colombian town sadly famous in history must be considered decisive. All this, combined with the constant interruptions due to rain, led to this final result, including the surprising premature exits of the top seeds 1 and 3, Nicolas Mejia (# 260 ATP) and Akira Santillan (# 387 ATP). The great loser, however, is Oliver Crawford (# 373 ATP), who despite having a completely different career prospect than his rival, fails to shake off the African giant, who ensures success in the decisive tie-break for a score overall of 7-6 (3) 4-6 7-6 (5). The 22-year-old from Chicago has been dry for a year now, and between one injury and another he is in danger of seeing the good conditions that the US cheering had on him slip away.

The results from the Futures world are completed with the home victory of two famous acquaintances of the challenger circuit, as well as ex Top-100how Jason Kubler (ATP # 191) in Canberra e Kenny De Schepper (ATP n.441) in Toulouse-Balma, the latter five and a half years after his last visit. Rinky Hijikata (# 258 ATP) also wins in Calabasas and now seems ready for the leap in category; similar speech for Mate Valkusz (n.401 ATP), which in Opatija resumes its triumphal march against our Riccardo Bonadio. Local wins also for Sidharth Rawat (ATP # 482) in New Delhi e Carlos Lopez Montagud (ATP n.472) in Palmanova, the latter in back-to-back. Alexander Donski (ATP n.525) and Yuki Mochizuki (# 506 ATP) get their hands on a trophy for the first time this season, in the evergreen tournaments of Monastir and Antalya. Finally, in Quinta do Lago it stands out Valentin Vacherot (393 ATP).

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