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TURIN – This can’t be the time for lungesbut the more the days pass, the more Nicolò Zaniolo likes the Juventus. Not only to Juventus, but above all to Juventus, which in Italy does not seem to have to face such fierce competition, while in Spain the name of the Roma joker remains alive. But the Juventus management knows they have a sort of lane preferential for the oiled relationships with the player’s entourage and because, even though we have not yet gone into details, with the Rome there is no lack of signals such as to suggest that the inclusion of a technical counterpart could facilitate future negotiations and reduce the economic outlay. The time will come when Juve will definitely go into pressing. Will come, because now at the Keep going the list of names suitable for making up the 2022-23 squad has not yet been skimmed.

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Zaniolo, a hot name for Juve

But that of Zaniolo remains a hot name, all the more so because it is considered functional to the resolution of a primary need: trigger Dusan Vlahovic . Maximilian Merry is working on it and while finding that the Serbian will have the time to scorn himself and clean up his style of play that is always a bit too rough and hectic, he knows well that today Paulo Dybala it can act as an ideal fuse. But the Joya will go Street and waiting for Federico to come back church , you need to go straight to a feasible goal. Since Juve went into high gear, accumulating 16 consecutive useful results in the league – since the end of November after the defeat against Atalanta and before Sunday’s knockout with Inter – the average goals collected and conceded has improved, but the Vlahovic’s graft has not yet been exploited well. Eighteen goals scored and conceded 16 in 14 matches up to and including 27 November, the day of Juve-Atalanta 0-1 (average of 1.28 goals scored and 1.14 conceded); 16-5 the count up to 23 January, Milan-Juve 0-0, the last match before the advent of Vlahovic; 13-6 up to Juve-Inter on Sunday included, 18 games played from the end of November to today, 8 with an extra DV7 (average goals scored: 1.62; conceded: 0.75). Total from Salernitana-Juve on 30 November, the day of the start of the match interrupted with Inter, to date: 29 goals scored and 11 conceded, an average of 1.61 and 0.61. As if to say: halved the goals collected, improved those achieved but without the definitive turning point. The 23 shots at 6 in the Italian derby, with zero goals and little chance for Vlahovic, represent the latest example. The “clear ideas” mentioned by Pavel Nedved open the way to the tracks already open.

The Juventus market

There Juventus will not buy another first tip in June, but one or more “detonators” that trigger the Serbian (only one goal in the last 6 games) in the spaces, preventing him from being duped by Bremer on duty. That’s why at Continassa they will do everything to unlock the file Zaniolo: mid-winger, attacking midfielder, winger, however with the talent in his feet to ensure that the last step is not an idea, but something concretely achievable. Like Zaniolo, other players can serve the purpose. Complete and experienced Juve midfielders like Paul Pogba , who, however, is no longer very young (born in ’93) and must reduce his current salary from 13 million net if he wants to return. Eyes also open to the flexibility of Serbian Sergej Mjilinkovic-Savic who at 27 is looking for a turning point in his career and would be very convenient for his compatriot Vlahovic, while in the middle of the field a profile like that of the Portuguese Renato would also be functional Sanches : younger (24 years old), he too is a multitasking player and useful to liven up a department in which a certain international experience is also lacking. But Juve will want to trigger Dusan not only with verticalizations: this is why a director like Jorginho would never be a plus in Allegri’s idea of ​​football. Watch out for the production from the flanks, that is to say the crosses, the real ones, the ones that a good left-back – certainly not Alex Sandro of the last few seasons – he would know how to produce continuously. From Emerson Palmieri to “Mino Raiola’s boyfriend”, the Dutch Owen Wijndal , the rose is wide. Without forgetting the effervescence of a striker like Giacomo Raspadori : pay attention to the Juve-Sassuolo relations, also for Davide Frattesi

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