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We have been wondering for a long time what a US promoter for F1 and in the end we are served. LLiberty Media for the GP it means show-bizentertainment and big bucks to go-go, with a third US GP in 2023, that is Austin, You love me and, unite listen, Las Vegas. With the gambling capital of the world (and, uh, not only) returning to F1 after the two-year period 1981-1982but passing from the Caesar Palace car park to something quite different, that is a very central city circuit with 14 curves, 6.12 km of development, 50 race laps and top speed in the order of 340 km / h. In short, one true fairytaleas well as a true fairy tale.

The opinion of the former pilot

And to find out more we might as well talk to Enrico Bertaggiaformer F.1 and top class F.3 champion between Monaco, Macao and the tricolor series, who has now won a lot of money as the manager of a mega-driving school ten miles north of the city: “The idea of ​​the GP in Las Vegas has been running for more than a year, so much so that I had talked to you about it for months and months as a rumor and now it is a reality. And I tell you that it represents a fantastic novelty both in terms of structure and media. First of all, no more parking spaces used for GPs, like Area 48 of the old Bologna Motor Show, but a real track, which cuts through the city far and wide, with a first technical and very guided section, which will then lead to a straight spectacular to split the Strip, like that of Baku, to be clear, with stellar final speeds, around 340 km / h up to turn 8, where the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is located, that is where I live, with a left-hand curve that will be very challenging , especially when braking. A nice driving challenge, with the further part very flat and out of the city itself, however this is also decidedly technical. Thinking as a pilot, I see a wonderful opportunity for competition and show. And on the media level I tell you that this is the first time i n which America enjoys the idea … These days we don’t talk about anything else, because thanks to the series Netflix “Drive to Survive” F1 is no longer a cold, distant and unknown discipline, but a exciting TV serial, with someone like Gunther Steiner who is considered a true star. That is, perhaps for the first time in history, the Circus is liked, followed and loved by the Americans “.

The GPs made in the USA become 3

And that represents one Revolution and also the reason why the US GPs will become three, because right now there is money to invest – and earn -, as in America there is only in Arab countries. We are facing an ocean turnover, which alone equals a small country of Africa. In other words, by now organizing a GP has almost nothing to do with history and tradition anymore but it is so much like the conception of a mega-concert: you do it where it suits you best, period. “Moreover, the hospitality of Las Vegas and the concentration of money have few rivals in the world, if you think that the city in its largest convention dedicated to technology hosts no less than 400 thousand additional visitors and that here among the Venetian and MGM complexes Grand there are the two largest hotels in the world, with – respectively – 7500 and 5500 rooms available. And then there will be the passage of the single-seaters alongside the structure of the “Sphere”, a pharaonic and sci-fi installation, at curves 6- 7, which will make the world amaze. In other words – underlines Enrico -, we are facing a great event of global caliber which, according to , the challenge on the track and the media coverage “.

Liberty Media dances alone

It is no coincidence that this time Liberty Media will do it all by itselfnot just acting as a promoter of F1 but also from manager on site, in partnership with Live Nation. So this time he sings it and dances it, since the cake is so big we might as well eat it all. Maybe on Thanksgiving weekend, which will be Thursday 23 November 2023with the race to be held on Saturday, starting at 22:00 local time from prime time of the west coast of the Statesthat is 01:00 on Sunday New York time and 7:00 on Rome time. “The truth is that by doing this they want to fill Las Vegas with Europeans, since Americans prefer to stay at home for Thanksgiving and for the US that is the slowest weekend of the year. I, of course, will be there to enjoy the Everything. Think of you, I live here, in Monte Carlo and now I only need a house in Macao, then I did a row with the city tracks! ” – he jokes

Enrico Bertaggia and the best part is that he is also right … In the meantime, there question we asked ourselves in 2016 with the entry of Liberty Media he finally got an answer. We were wondering how F1 would become on the track, and instead it more or less remained the same. The game changes little, it is the locations of the games that have changed. You go where there are more dollars, not legendary tracks. That’s all. In a few heartfelt words, Liberty Media has the same strengths and weaknesses as Bernie Ecclestone, plus its own.

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