Leclerc the luxury of not having to overdo it, calm about the developments – News

It is up to the others to chase, catch up, performance and reliability. Three races of this 2022 have outlined the face of a Ferrari F1-75 and a Leclerc on the verge of impeccable. Towards Imola we go with a ranking that reflects the competitiveness of the car and Leclerc’s solidity in hitting the result.

2022 is the first, real, opportunity to read the management of Leclerc called to think in a world key. He had to wait for a competitive single-seater, now there is and allows for a different approach. He has grown a lot in the last two seasons, both in terms of managing race pace and battles on the track.

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Leclerc, normality becomes the special effect

World leader with 46 points over Verstappen after the Australian GP. Max is the rival today to be considered for the title, Russell cannot be the immediate pursuer, not with this Mercedes W13.

He talks about the new condition he discovers in Formula 1, as a world leader with authority and perspectives of domination in which he is still authorized to believe.

“I have already found myself in this position in the junior categories but to be in Formula 1 means a lot, especially after the last few years and in particular with a team like Ferrari. It gives incredible sensations.

Clearly there is a different mentality than in the last two years, because now I know I have a winning car under me and I don’t have to overdo it or do extremely special and spectacular things to actually get a position or two: I know it’s in the potential of the machine and I just have to do my job“explains Charles.

Ferrari developments, there is confidence in the update plan

The rivals are currently committed to producing a substantial recovery, on performance and reliability. Red Bull will come with one lighter car in Imola, they also hope for a reliable RB18. Mercedes is sailing in rough waters and difficult prospects. In this scenario, Ferrari can focus on getting the most out of the F1-75, whose weaknesses remain largely unknown at the moment. No criticality emerged that would require urgent intervention. More will come from the power unit, the speed on the forehand can improve, of course, but it is largely balanced by other strengths, good to run while remaining the reference.

Asked about the “Red Bull threat” in terms of developments during the year, traditionally the team’s strong point, Leclerc is confident in the path they have prepared in Maranello: Keeping up with Red Bull in terms of updates will be difficult however, it is the same team that built this car that will work on the developments: I am confident. There is no reason why we should be at a disadvantagewe did a great job – the guys at Maranello did – in making this car.

Updates are on the way and I am confident they will go in the right direction. I wouldn’t focus too much on others. I clearly see, over the past couple of years, the leap in the way we review each weekend, the leap in how we identified weaknesses and how quickly we reacted to try to improve in areas where we were struggling. I am confident that the team will be able to do a great job this year in terms of developments. “

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