Leipzig-Atalanta, CM’s report cards: Muriel and Musso masterpieces, Zappacosta makes and undoes. Silva disappoints, Nkunku does not | Europa League

Leipzig 1-1 Atalanta


Gulácsi 5.5: sometimes he waits too long to postpone risking the pressure of Muriel, he takes goals, unsure.

Gvardiol 5.5: runs away to Hateboer on the right, but fails to block Muriel when the Colombian flies into the area, takes an avoidable yellow.

(From 28 ‘st Halstenberg 5.5: enters to be warned).

Orbán 6: it is he who presses Muriel, but at 17 ‘he easily escapes him to score. Pasalic also overtakes him by introducing himself in front of the goalkeeper. In the moment of greatest suffering and with a wrong penalty, he reopens the match and qualification by throwing himself on the ball with courage, but the goal is from Zappacosta.

Klostermann 5.5: a bit patchy in defense, he gives too many remittances.

Angeliño 6.5: gives restarts to his team in the prairies that sometimes leaves Atalanta in the left lane, finds the opening for Orbán for the goal that reopens the match and the hopes of Leipzig.

Kampl 6: targets the Atalanta Freuler captain but the Swiss is more punctual than him.

Laimer 6: the midfielder who has the habit of scoring is careful in reading the game and opens up interesting spaces for Henrichs, stopped by Demiral.

Henrichs 6.5: he backs up to cover Pasalic in the area, a handyman who also sneaks into the opposite area, picking up Laimer’s passes, then drives off wildly and blows the ball to Muriel, but not at 17’pt, when needed. Steal the ball from Boga.

(From 42 ‘st Mukiele: sv).

Elm 5.5: Atalanta knows him too well, from the time of Dinamo Zagreb, and blocks his every restart. Koopmeiners also makes fun of him.

(From 28 ‘st Szoboszlai 6.5: close to goal twice, good).

André Silva 5.5: he stops at the post, inaccurate, a few cm from the goal and from the goal, then also misses the penalty. Very badly, Tedesco takes it off.

(From 17 ‘st Forsberg 6: does his).

Nkunku 6.5: Palomino to stop his run immediately takes yellow, his first shot on the net in the 7 ‘, but is weak. Inaccurate then, he is found offside. Too much desire to score, he loses succulent balls in the area. He earns an important but useless penalty. The race changes anyway.

(From 42 ‘st Novoa: sv).

All. German 6: goes straight to the four-man defense by pulling back Henrichs, unable to contain Atalanta or find the way to goal, so much bad luck, but in the end he celebrates for the draw.


Musso 7.5: He quickly parried Nkunku’s first shot from outside, was overcome with two miraculous interventions on Silva’s penalty and even in the final he said no, saving the draw.

de Roon 6: his is a dirty job that rewards but there are too many turnovers and free kicks.

Demiral 6: he holds the reins of André Silva dragging him harmlessly to the end of the field. Too bad for the penalty foul on Nkunku.

Palomino 7: ready, go, he takes yellow after less than 3 ‘to stop Nkunku and has to limit himself so as not to run into red. He throws the ball away with the pumpkin and the heel, saving everything.

Hatebooer 6: Gvardiol is not an easy customer but he gets used to it. He wastes in the area.

Koopmeiners 6.5: it offers quality and tranquility at reduced prices and the fifths in midfield take advantage of it, many corners have been caught, only the goal is missing.

Freuler 6.5: the captain blocks Kampl on the median and reads the enemy trajectories well.

(From 22 ‘st Miranchuk 6: brings numerical superiority in attack but then goes out).

Zappacosta 6: duels with Henrichs, a perfect assist to Muriel who frees the Colombian’s flicker, but then signs his own goal, undeservedly reopening the match.

(From 44 ‘st Pezzella: sv).

Pessina 5: messy, he commits a couple of ducks that risk eliminating the Nerazzurri’s advantage.

(From 16 ‘st Scalvini 6.5: enters well, touches the goal).

Pasalic 6: finds an opening at 45 ‘pt and throws himself into it chipping the pole, in the second half he helps in defense.

(From 17 ‘st Boga 5,5: wastes in the area, is stopped by the white and red wall).

Muriel 7.5: devilish, he wants to dance in front of the bullfighting curve, he achieves a masterpiece goal by throwing the ball into the goal after having discarded the whole defense, he even touches an encore, bad only in the corners.

(From 17 ‘st Zapata 5.5: is back, even if it is not in the shining form, there is a return to play where it can be the protagonist).

Annex Gasperini 6.5: his Atalanta proves once again what he is made of in Europe with crosspieces, poles and scoring actions that stupefy Leipzig. The draw at the end of the evening a bit tight but now the return is at home.

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