Live MotoGP / GP Argentina 2022 race: Aprilia triumph with Espargarò – Live

[Motomondiale] Good evening dear readers of passionate about MotoGP and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct report of Argentine Grand Prixthird race of the 2022 world championship in the premier class.

Race concluded

Analyses – Historic moment for Aprilia, who managed to win their first MotoGP victory thanks to a masterful race by Aleix Espargarò in Argentina. The Spanish rider – in his first success in the premier class – waited for the final of the grand prix to overtake a tough Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac), who tried to resist his compatriot as much as possible. Aleix Espargarò is the new leader of the world championship, with a 7-point lead over Brad Binder (KTM), who finished sixth. Completing the podium was Alex Rins (Suzuki), who preceded Joan Mir (Suzuki).
Good comeback from Bagnaia (Ducati) who climbed up from 13th to 5th place at the finish. Best placement since he has been in Aprilia – seventh – for Vinales, who can complain for having lost two positions in the last part of the race. The top 10 is completed by Quartararo (Yamaha), only eighth, by an excellent Marco Bezzecchi (Ducati VR46) ninth and Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) tenth.
Anonymous race for Luca Marini (Ducati VR46), set back from third to eleventh position, for Miguel Oliveira (KTM) thirteenth and Jack Miller (Ducati) fourteenth.

Checkered flag – Aleix Espargarò’s Aprilia wins, which manages to break the resistance of Jorge Martin. This is the Noale-based manufacturer’s first MotoGP victory.

Penultimate lap – Six tenths between Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) and Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac). Bagnaia (Ducati) climbs back to fifth position, overtaking Vinales (Aprilia). Brad Binder (KTM) also imitates him and the Spaniard is now seventh.

23/25 – The gap between Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) and Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac) remains unchanged. Rins (Suzuki) fails to rejoin, while Fabio Di Giannantonio (Ducati Gresini) falls.

22/25 – Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) has three tenths of an advantage over Martin (Ducati Pramac), 1 ″ 1 over Alex Rins (Suzuki), 2 ″ 5 over Mir (Suzuki) and 5 ″ 3 over Vinales (Aprilia), who is hunted down from Bagnaia (Ducati).

21/25 – Martin (Ducati Pramac) seems to resist two tenths, third at 1 ″ 2 from the top is Alex Rins (Suzuki). Aleix Espargarò’s Aprilia at the top.

20/25 – Five laps to go, the top 10
1. Martin
2. Aleix Espargarò +0.1
3. Rins +1.4
4. Mir +3.1
5. Vinales +5.6
6. Bagnaia +6.0
7. Brad Binder +7.1
8. Quartararo +10.0
9. Bezzecchi +10.9
10. Bastianini +11.1.
Espargarò (Aprilia) passes and this time remains in the lead.

19/25 – Marco Bezzecchi (Ducati VR46) enters the ten, Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) is eleventh. Martin (Ducati Pramac) and Espargarò (Aprilia) are still very close, the same script three laps ago: overtaking and long and returning to the previous positions.

18/25 – Quartararo (Yamaha) recovers the eighth position passing Marini (Ducati VR46). Always Martin (Ducati Pramac) in the lead ahead of Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia).

17/25 – He tries to rejoin the leading pair Alex Rins (Suzuki), but he can’t go below 1 ″ 6 for the moment.
Aleix Espargarò is overtaken, the Spaniard from Aprilia overtakes his compatriot from Ducati in braking. But it comes along and Martin is back in the lead.

16/25 – Long for Enea Bastianini (Ducati Gresini), who returns to the track in thirteenth position. Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) is increasingly threatening behind Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac).

15/25 – The top 10 with ten laps to go:
1. Martin
2. Aleix Espargarò +0.2
3. Rins +1.8
4. Mir +3.9
5. Vinales +5.1
6. Bagnaia +6.5
7. Brad Binder +7.0
8. Bastianini +8.1
9. Marine +8.1
10. Quartararo +8.5.

14/25 – Crash for Pol Espargarò (Honda), who thus leaves fifth position in Vinales (Aprilia).

13/25 – Always Martin (Ducati Pramac) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) in pairs in the lead. Quartararo (Yamaha) is eleventh, in the exhaust of Bastianini (Ducati Gresini).

12/25 -At the moment the fastest on the track seem to be Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) and Alex Rins (Suzuki).
Bagnaia (Ducati) overtook Marini (Ducati VR46) for seventh position.

11/25 – Martin (Ducati Pramac) has half a second ahead of Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia). Rins (Suzuki) drops below two seconds.
Mandalika winner Miguel Oliveira (KTM) is 13th, Jack Miller (Ducati) 14th.

10/25 – The top10:
1. Martin
2. Aleix Espargarò +1.0
3. Rins +2.2
4. Pol Espargarò +2.7
5. Mir +3.6
6. Vinales +5.2
7. Marini +5.4
8. Bagnaia +5.7
9. Brad Binder +5.7
10. Bastianini +6.9.
The Yamahas are in crisis, Quartararo is 11th, Darryn Binder 17th, Dovizioso has rejoined the group with 3 laps behind, Morbidelli retired.

9/25 – Now half a second between Martin (Ducati Pramac) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia). This time the Vinales (Aprilia) maneuver hits the mark and takes sixth position.

8/25 – They run together – two tenths of a second – Martin (Ducati Pramac) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia). At 2 ″ 4 from the top is Rins (Suzuki).

7/25 – Problems for Franco Morbidelli (Yamaha), who slows down and returns to the pits.
In the meantime, overtaking and counter-overtaking between Marini (Ducati VR46) and Vinales (Aprilia) with the Italian remaining sixth.

6/25 – Joan Mir (Suzuki) overtook Marini (Ducati VR46) and is fifth. Bagnaia (Ducati) is now eighth. Rins (Suzuki) overtakes Pol Espargarò (Honda) for third position.

5/25 – The top10:
1. Martin
2. A.Espargarò +0.4
3. P. Espargarò +1.9
4. Rins +2.3
5. Marini +2.7
6. Mir +3.0
7. Vinales +3.4
8. B. Binder +3.8
9. Bagnaia +4.1
10. Bastianini +5.5.
Fall for Zarco (Ducati Pramac) in Turn 2.

4/25 – Martin (Ducati Pramac) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia) seem to be able to compete on their own.

3/25 – Martin (Ducati Pramac) has two tenths of an advantage over Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia). In third place Pol Espargarò (Honda) at 1 ″ 5, followed by Rins (Suzuki) and Marini (Ducati VR46) at 1 ″ 7.
Vinales (Aprilia) is 7th, Bagnaia (Ducati) 9th, Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) 10th. The Yamahas are very bad, with Quartararo 13th and Morbidelli 20th.

2/25 – Martin (Ducati Pramac) rides on Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia), almost a second later already Marini (Ducati VR46), Pol Espargarò (Honda) and Rins (Suzuki).
Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha WithU) is already back in the pits, the race is over for him. Vinales (Yamaha) is 7th, Quartararo (Yamaha) 13th.

Green light for the Argentine Grand Prix – Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac) takes the lead at the first corner, behind him Luca Marini (Ducati VR46) and Aleix Espargarò (Aprilia).
The latter, however, quickly recovered the second position. Quartararo (Yamaha) is 9th, Bastianini (Ducati Gresini) 11th and Bagnaia (Ducati) 13th.

19.58 – Off to the recon lap. 67 thousand spectators crowded in the stands of the Argentine racetrack.

19.55 – Five minutes to go, all ready in Termas de Rio Hondo.

19.45 – Choice of Michelin tires: all 24 riders will mount a Hard at the front and a Soft at the rear.

19.40 – The starting grid of the Argentine GP (25 laps):

1st Row 1. Aleix Espargaró 1: 37.688
2. Jorge Martin 1: 37.839
Ducati Pramac
3. Luke Marini 1: 38.119
Ducati VR46
2nd Row 4. Pol Espargarò 1: 38.165
5. Maverick Vinales 1: 38.196
6. Fabio Quartararo 1: 38.281
3rd Row 7. Alex Rins 1: 38.455
8. Joan Mir 1: 38.516
9. Johann Zarco 1: 38.537
Ducati Pramac
4th Row 10. Takaaki Nakagami 1: 38.576
Honda LCR
11. Brad Binder 1: 38.932
12. Aeneas Bastianini 1: 38.566
Ducati Gresini
5th Row 13. Francis Bagnaia 1: 38.610
14. Jack Miller 1: 38.584 (pen.)
15. Franco Morbidelli 1: 38.805
6th Row 16. Miguel Oliveira 1: 38.871
17. Marco Bezzecchi 1: 38.877
Ducati VR46
18. Andrea Dovizioso 1: 38.938
Yamaha WithU
7th Row 19. Alex Marquez 1: 39.095
Honda LCR
20. Fabio Of Giannantonio 1: 39.126
Ducati Gresini
21. Raul Fernandez 1: 39.153
KTM Tech3
8th Row 22. Remy Gardner 1: 39.159
KTM Tech3
23. Darryn Binder 1: 39.380
Yamaha WithU
24. Stefan Bradl 1: 39.487

19.35 – This is the top 5 of the drivers’ standings after two races:

1 Aeneas Bastianini Ducati 30
2 Brad Binder KTM 28
3 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 27
4 Miguel Oliveira KTM 25
5 Johann Zarco Ducati 24

19.30 – There will be 25 laps scheduled in Argentina, for a total of 120.2 km. The Termas de Rio Hondo track, inaugurated in 2008, consists of 5 left and 9 right curves, for a total of 4.8 km.
In the last race held in 2019, Marc Marquez won, ahead of Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso. The record holder of victories is Marc Marquez, at 3.

19.00 – In the unprecedented two-day weekend of Termas de Rio Hondo (shortened due to the well-known problems related to the delay of the cargo with the materials), the Aprilia seemed fast in all the sessions so far disputed. In fact, Aleix Espargarò was the quickest in Free Practice 2, in Qualifying and finally in Warm Up, giving credit to Noale’s dreams for his first MotoGP victory. Maverick Vinales also did well, who will start from the fifth box of the grid, in the second row. The most insidious rivals for the Italian manufacturer seem to be Jorge Martin (Ducati Pramac) who will start 2nd and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), 6th.

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