LIVE REPLAYS – Spalletti: “With Atalanta 95 ‘of sportellate! Zanoli? He’s ready at Dimaro! The Gazzetta fans see it easy! Dries, prove me I was wrong”

At 14:15 Luciano Spalletti, on the eve of the big match against Atalanta, will present the first post-stop match of his Napoli.

At 14:15 Luciano Spalletti, on the eve of the big match against Atalanta, he will present the first post-stop match of his Napoli. The blue coach will speak at the press conference from the Castel Volturno Training Center. The meeting with the media can be followed with the direct text of

14.17 – The press conference begins

Crucial point, truth match?

“Matches of those that look you in the eye, whoever lowers his gaze a little in the 95 ‘loses because they know how to maintain the high level of strength, quality, rhythm. Team built well, as for years, in these races one played, a feint, but 95 ‘of doors countering blow by blow, this will be the match “.

On the world cup and young people.

“We must continue with Mancini, the path is right, he has brought young people also for the future, he has won a very important title, then you can make a mistake in a match as a success, but the quality of the game, of the midfield, of many he has brought is We need to improve, as always, we are behind in stadiums and structures, and to work at their best they are needed, countries depend on infrastructures, owned stadiums are fundamental then there is the cultural problem in seeking the victory since the football school, is an obsession since the early years, only the goal counts, not allowing to make mistakes, you don’t allow yourself to bring out the quality but you aim to win the tournament immediately. A good youth sector is not measure by the tournaments won, but by how many do you increase at certain levels. But I hear about the game, but there it is a match, the result always passes from a well-built game, but on this it is subjective … “.

You and Gasp respect each other. Do you fear psychological pressure for an important stage?

“Yes, just look at what Gasp has brought to Europe and congratulations can be extended to the whole club, they have renovated the stadium, they put on a good show. If we are here, it is because we have won so many incomplete matches and if we have succeeded. 2, 3 and 4 times, we can also do it 5 and 6. If you do not have any state of emergency on us, we are very happy. The game in some moments will become from the ground that shakes under your feet, when you play against these here it is normal, they go always in the same way until the end. But we have fixed even very difficult moments during the season, I am happy and confident of the look of my players in the locker room. I use the words of Koulibaly, “we are all Neapolitans until the end” and we perceive better the desire to write our path. It tells a lot “.

Di Lorenzo’s absence is important in terms of balance and development. Isn’t there one with the characteristics of him?

“There is, there is, there is Zanoli who has the same characteristics, he has not played so far because he is facing Di Lorenzo who is the innovation of the role, always looking for new things. Zanoli from the second training session in Dimaro I imagined it. starter in a match against a strong team like Atalanta, this was already visible, then there is Malcuit who has recovered and we are in a position to fill the role and have many of Di Lorenzo’s qualities, even if at his level we Few arrive. Malcuit for some, Zanoli for those and others, too, it’s ok not to make him regret it “

What can you tell us about Osimhen? When he returns?

“Today I am happy that a large space is dedicated to us in the Gazzetta, even a reminder on the front page. Covid, pluvalenze, Alemao, Osimhen and the dressing room against. Speaking of the match, you would have made a complete picture (laughs, ed). We must be careful to play the game of 3 cards with the fans, who catch you easily. The club will talk about Osimhen tomorrow, to clarify it, it is very simple “.

Is there anyone who is favored up front?

“No, they are all there. They are all the same, the potential is there, they are strong teams, well built, that make up for the difficulties.”

Decisive match like in Verona?

“You can copy and paste until the end of the Scudetto and Champions League fight, if you don’t win you have to fight for fourth place, as has already been said and will always be said”.

Annoyed about referrals?

“There is the company for this, our players communicated for Covid are superior to all the other teams, I know that, then the rest will be easily clarified by the others”.

How is Lozano?

“He arrived tonight, he trained, he is available”.

How is Insigne doing after the lack of qualification?

“Lorenzo every time I see him in the same way, they say he may be upset by situations, maybe, but in the way of being together with the team and with me he never shows it, he always arrives among the first, he is available and joyful with everyone. and in training he shows some things that he did not show in the match and I am a little sorry that I am unable to repeat them “.

How did you see Mertens after the birth of his son Ciro?

“We become what we love, he is Neapolitan because he loves the city, the fans, he wants to do well, tomorrow he can show Ciro Romeo what his dad is made of as a footballer, he has one more fan and then few foreigners in the Italian football have integrated like him, this is also an important quality. I hope you show me the count of all the times in which I have not chosen him and could have played, sometimes choices are made and someone is always penalized. who can change the fate of the game, a complete professional, even when not playing encourages the team, his teammates after a mistake, is one of the leaders “.

14.40 – The press conference ends

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