Live Salernitana – Turin: 0-1 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Arechi
    City: Salerno
    Capacity: 37894 spectators19:52

  • Welcome to the live match of the 31st day of Serie A, Salernitana and Torino face off.19:52

  • It is shortly before the start of Salernitana-Turin. Both teams lost away in the last round of the championship.20:06

  • SALERNITANA formation (3-4-2-1): Sepe – Gyomber, Radovanovic, Fazio – Mazzocchi, L. Coulibaly, Ederson, Zortea – Verdi, Bonazzoli – Djuric.20:03

  • TURIN formation (3-4-2-1): Berisha – Izzo, Bremer, Buongiorno – Singo, Ricci, Mandragora, Vojvoda – Lukic, Pjaca – Belotti.19:58

  • SALERNITANA bench: Belec, Ranieri, Gagliolo, Dragusin, Ruggeri, Di Tacchio, Bohinen, Ribery, Kechrida, Obi, Mikael, Vergani.19:57

  • TORINO bench: Gemello, Rodriguez, Ansaldi, Linetty, Warming, Ola Aina, Seck, Zima, Brekalo, Zaza, Pellegri, Angori.20:05

  • Nicola’s choices: Djuric leads the attack, Bonazzoli and Verdi behind him, Ribery on the bench. Zortea and Mazzocchi on the wings, Gyomber preferred to Dragusin.20:04

  • Juric’s choices: forward there is Belotti, Pjaca and Lukic in support. Singo and Vojvoda on the outside lanes. Chance for Ricci, Pobega disqualified.20:01

  • Torino have won all three previous Serie A games against Salernitana.20:02

  • 1 ‘

    First half of SALERNITANA-TORINO. The referee Piccinini directs the game.20:46

  • 2′

    Ederson wins the duel with Bremer and puts in the center, Buongiorno grants a corner.20:49

  • 4 ‘

    Punishment for Salernitana from the trocar, Izzo foul on Djuric.20:50

  • 6 ‘

    Singo’s cross, too high for everyone.20:53

  • 8 ‘

    SALERNITANA POLE! Cross by Mazzocchi, right on the fly by Verdi, Berisha is overtaken and deflects the ball on the post.20:55

  • 10 ‘

    Pjaca does it all by himself, Ederson doesn’t give him space.20:56

  • 13 ‘

    Verbal warning of the referee to Buongiorno after a foul on Bonazzoli.20:59

  • 14 ‘

    Central conclusion of Pjaca, no problem for Sepe.21:00

  • 15 ‘

    PENALTY FOR TURIN! Fazio holds Belotti in the area, the referee points to the spot.21:02

  • 15 ‘

    FAZIO booked for unfair play on Belotti.21:02

  • 17 ‘

    Sepe saves Belotti’s penalty, but the penalty has to be repeated: Gyomber (not only him) enters the area before the shot.21:41

  • 18 ‘

    GOAL! Salernitana-TORINO 0-1! Belotti network. On the second attempt, Belotti displaces Sepe from the spot.

    Look at the player’s profile Andrea Belotti21:05

    Andrea Belotti
  • 20 ‘

    Immediate reaction of the Salernitana who immediately returns forward.21:07

  • 21 ‘

    SALERNITAN OPPORTUNITY! Verdi’s free kick, Radovanovic heads up, ball out of a breath.21:07

  • 23 ‘

    Salernitana remains in attack, Verdi is very active.21:09

  • 25 ‘

    TURIN OPPORTUNITY! Wandering ball in the area, Belotti kicks on Sepe from a few steps from the door.21:13

  • 27 ‘

    Mazzocchi’s attempt, shot deflected for a corner.21:13

  • 28 ‘

    Problems for Izzo after an aerial conflict with Djuric, health in the field.21:14

  • 30 ‘

    Pjaca’s cross, Belotti’s imprecise header.21:16

  • 32 ‘

    Pjaca on the edge of the area loses the moment for the shot, the home defense closes.21:19

  • 34 ‘

    Edgy duel between Djuric and Bremer, the two often in contact.21:23

  • 36 ‘

    Vigorous contrast between Belotti and Ederson, game stopped for a few moments.21:24

  • 37 ‘

    BELOTTI warned for foul play on Ederson.21:23

  • 38 ‘

    Opportunity for Fazio, but the defender is clearly offside.21:24

  • 40 ‘

    I play still, Izzo on the ground in pain.21:26

  • 42 ‘

    L. Coulibaly tries from a distance, without success.21:29

  • 44 ‘

    Mandrake from the flag, hits Singo with his head, ball away from the mirror.21:30

  • 45 ‘

    The referee gives three minutes of recovery.21:32

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    Mazzocchi pushes to the right, but with a number he fails to jump Pjaca.21:33

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    End of the first half: SALERNITANA-TORINO 0-1. Belotti scored from the spot in the 18th minute.21:35

  • Turin far ahead at half-time, first half full of emotions: Verdi’s post in the 5 ‘, Belotti unlocks from the spot in the 18’ (repeated penalty, first attempt failed by the attacker), in the 21 ‘Radovanovic headed close to equal, at 25 ‘chance for Belotti.21:38

  • Torino scored their first goal from a penalty in this league.21:39

  • 46 ‘

    Start of the second half of SALERNITANA-TORINO. No changes during the interval.21:51

  • 48 ‘

    Verdi’s free kick, touches Radovanovic, sweeps Ricci.21:54

  • 50 ‘

    Do it in Belotti’s attack, nothing done for Turin.21:56

  • 53 ‘

    Mazzocchi is in an irregular position, the action of the Salernitana has been interrupted.22:02

  • 54 ‘

    GOAL CANCELED! Singo bags from two steps from the door, but is in an irregular position (signaled by the Var).22:02

  • 56 ‘

    SALERNITANA substitution: Ribery enters Verdi exits.22:03

  • 56 ‘

    SALERNITANA substitution: Bohinen enters L. Coulibaly exits.22:03

  • 58 ‘

    Air crash between Djuric and Buongiorno, both on the ground in pain.22:04

  • 60 ‘

    Djuric and Bungiorno return to the field with a showy head bandage.22:07

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