LR Vicenza-Crotone: the report cards –

Large 5.5: He does not have to make significant interventions and suffers the goal at the first shot on goal (a dejavu). At least a couple of crosses, fortunately without consequences, parade undisturbed through the small area that should be its territory.

May 5.5: The pressure he manages to put on the opponent’s defenses beyond the half of the pitch is of a very different kind, compared to other interpreters of the role seen this season. Behind, however, he complains of some hesitation too much and the departmental agreement is certainly to be perfected

Brosco 5.5: Involved (not as the main protagonist) in the defensive mess on the Crotone goal, he goes to take an avoidable yellow card that costs him the presence on the field in the second half and the away match of Benevento (from 45 ‘ Frying pan 6: In the second half Crotone limits the appearances forward and he makes his without big mistakes)

De Maio 4.5: He arrived in Vicenza with the idea of ​​being a defensive pillar and instead often appears more than anything else the weak link: Maric takes him for a walk like any newbie and on the occasion of the equal action the marking on the Croatian is questionable. He is not even convincing in the setting phase where throws and choices are often unhappy but maybe he is asked for something that is not part of his strings

Crecco 5: He puts the corner that Schnegg clumsily slips into his goal and in general is appreciated on set pieces but behind he dances dangerously and inexplicably loses Marras, on which he was meters ahead, in the action of the Calabrian equal

Cavion 5: A little more than anonymous performance for the Vicenza midfielder who seems to be catching his breath after a long tour de force that began on the day of his arrival in January (from 57 ′ Boluses 4: so far he hasn’t shown who knows what particular qualities and one wonders if there is a need to go abroad to get players of this type. After the game he also becomes the protagonist of an unpleasant bickering with some fans)

Bikel 5.5: Left alone in the waves of the Crotone midfield, he is caught in the middle and flounders on the verge of sinking. He remains afloat with the fighting qualities that belong to him

Diaw 5: There are strikers who make you win a game with half a scoring ball. At least two cleans are not enough for him to hurt the host defense

Frog 5.5: We return to now retired themes; is a player who in another context would probably make a bad impression. Here he is forced to invent himself the leader of a team that seems afraid of his own shadow. He tries but succeeds at alternating moments

Giacomelli 5.5: The only point of his game is the assist that Diaw wastes by kicking the ball at Festa. Then little else. (from 57 ′ Dalmonte 5: More than half an hour in the field with practically nothing to report)

Teodorczyk 5: Initially the goal is attributed to him but only for “closeness”. He tries to do a job of connection which, however, technically does not seem to belong to him and with the armed host defense he takes a few. (from 65 ′ Meggiorini 5.5: in half an hour he has at least two scoring balls on his feet to change the inertia of the match and does not exploit them properly but there remains the feeling that in front he would certainly be more useful than others)

4.5 brocchi: After the scoppola remedied in Brescia it was hoped to see a very different team in a direct clash like the one with Crotone. Instead the Calabrians have shown a clarity of ideas and a team game overall superior to those put on the field by the red and white. Over fifty percent of ball possession in the hands of the guests, ten left (source Sky) says a lot about how much (badly) Giacomelli and his teammates have exploited the extra man. The continuous changes of form seen have not helped because in fact his team has continued to play always in the same monotonous way: long balls to distance themselves from the opponent’s pressing, but easy prey of an opposing defense that on average traveled on one meter and ninety per capita. A few flashes forward, however wasted as it should not, does not save a performance that, the fans have not failed to underline, did not convince even and above all under the willful aspect. A team that, too many times in this championship, has given the impression of not wanting to put on the suit and get their hands dirty but to consider itself capable of overcoming the opponent only through a possible technical superiority, which however is never highlighted. except with a sterile and slow dribble phase. In short, after the victory against Ascoli and the break that in theory should have allowed us to recover physical energy, very different things were expected in view of the final rush and on the horizon there is a Benevento with great confidence, who at this moment for the Lane it could have the same effects as the iceberg for the Titanic.

(photo: The Journal of Vicenza)

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