Luca Dal Monte exclusively at Passione Formula One

Between Formula One and more; the words of Luca Dal Monte exclusively

Luca Dal Monte exclusively at Passione Formula One

The writer Luca Dal Monte spoke exclusively to the microphones of Marco Palomba and Carlo Ametrano during the “Passion Formula One” column to make a point about the start of this crackling new season. Here are his statements:

Luca, we have seen a fantastic start to Formula One, can you confirm?

“On Sunday I experienced the Jeddah Grand Prix with crazy tension, which I didn’t have the week before when Ferrari actually won… maybe because the circuit is incredibly dangerous. There was a really crazy tension and I can assure you that if we do another 21 races like this, it will be a wonderful championship but then we should all go on vacation without doing anything for the next 3 months ”.

How do you evaluate the choice of Formula One to race in Jeddah, despite the bombings that took place during free practice at the Armaco plant?

“I am very critical in going to run in certain countries, one of them being Saudi Arabia. We are talking about a state in which the week before the Grand Prix there were 81 executions of the death penalty in public. I don’t know how the Western world, with the sensitivity we have developed, can endure such a situation and go running there pretending nothing has happened. While Formula One says, even rightly, ‘We race as one’, in the end only the drivers choose to line up somewhere. The big car, on the other hand, always goes there. But let’s face it clearly: how do you get back home, leaving the country from which the current president of the FIA ​​left? It is a lost thing from the start. There are necessarily obvious economic and political reasons. It must be said that Formula One has never shone for consistency, and we know this very well: we went to race in South Africa when there was Apartheid. At this point I wonder what kind of toy Formula One has become ”.

Coming to the track: Mercedes is in a bit of trouble, will she recover?

“Mercedes cannot afford to be that far behind and they have already shown in past years that they know how to get back into the game, even quickly. They have dominated the previous seasons and have tremendous strength. I’ll tell you the truth: I particularly liked their solution of going against the tide, developing a car with this new base and with these sides that are totally different from the other teams. That said, there are still 21 races left. There is really a lot of time to try to adapt to the situation and be competitive again ”.

Did you expect this start from Ferrari instead?

“I think I was among the few who applauded Elkann’s release a year and a half ago. He said a new cycle would begin in 2022. Regardless of whether this is true or not, because to start a new cycle there must be various components, that sentence brought all the attention to him, allowing Binotto and the engineers to be able to work with confidence in view of 2022. I was in Maranello all ‘beginning of March and I spoke to a couple of people from sports management. I tell you: highly professional but above all optimistic and seeing a Ferrari so safe, even in the body language between Binotto and the drivers, you understand that you can breathe tranquility “.

Taking a step back for a moment: how do you evaluate the decision to fire Masi as race director?

“What we saw in Abu Dhabi was a shameful thing. They have justified themselves several times by saying that it is a spectacle, when in reality Formula One is first and foremost a sport. It was right to have sent a signal: making decisions in such times is always difficult, but for what happened you could not fail to act. Even the race in Jeddah, if we think about it, was ruined by these interventions: let’s imagine Perez who was in the lead and who finds himself fourth for the safety car; Charles, on the other hand, who wants to attack Verstappen, cannot because the yellow flag is waved in the first sector. So at this point I say: safety is not even discussed, mind you, but if there isn’t an accident like Mick’s in qualifying, can we let them run? There must always be a safety car or a virtual one, which frankly I still don’t understand how it works. They are Americanizing this sport too much. If I want to see the show, I go to the cinema ”.

One of the latest news is the return of Las Vegas on the calendar: what about and how much America is getting into Formula One?

“That is inevitable because of Liberty Media which remains American and has a different way of conceiving racing, mainly favoring the spectacle over sport. About Las Vegas I tell you: as long as you don’t go running in the parking lot of the Ceasars Palace and then we’re fine. Today Las Vegas is obviously a more up-to-date circuit than it was a long time ago. We are still racing in America, with the US finally doing justice to Formula One. When I was in America studying, almost forty years ago, there were live Grand Prix races with commercial breaks of about 10 minutes. We went back live and they didn’t tell you what you were missing and many times you had to guess it by reading the ranking. Today, however, also thanks to streaming, the Formula One service in America has nothing to envy to the European one. The offer has certainly increased; that even the Americans are more passionate about Formula One is still to be understood. Undoubtedly Liberty Media has worked very well, but for the enthusiast I don’t know, I still want to understand it ”.

What are your next commitments instead?

“For Baldini + Castoldi with Umberto we went out before Christmas with a book on Gilles Villeneuve, which I must say went very well! We are already at the third edition. We already have other things planned, both together and individually. This great collaboration goes on as well as the career on an individual level “.

What do you think instead of the activities that Carlo carries out to remember Ayrton Senna, in particular the Sennda Day scheduled for April 30th?

“The things Carlo does are fantastic. He puts his head and heart into it, so his initiatives are always well balanced and very well done, then when it comes especially to someone like Ayrton, raise your hands. Let’s talk about those riders who, like Gilles, will be remembered forever “.

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