“Luckily I chose the cars. With Valentino around, I would have won a lot less on the motorcycles!”

The seven-time world champion underlines the analogy (many) and differences (few) with the nine-time world champion in motorcycling.

Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton: one has just got out of the saddle, the other struggles to … stay there, in a start to the season dominated by Ferrari and and Bull. And if the “Doctor” is engaged in the first important commitment of his career, the Black King “waits” to catch up with Leclerc and Verstappenperhaps starting from the next Australian GP. During a cross interview (in favor of sponsors), Hamilton in the meantime draws the portrait of the great motorsport champion, without distinction between two and four wheelseffectively nullifying the differences

“As a child I preferred motorbikes but according to my dad they were too dangerous, so he bought me a kart and his was a happy intuition because – with Valentino around and for so long – I certainly wouldn’t have won like I did in Formula One! However, I have always kept sports bikes in the garage, which I enjoyed on the track outside the Formula One season. And I must say that riding a superbike on the track is not like watching it on television. Without forgetting that the cross test a few years ago in Valencia (December 2019, Lewis on the Yamaha MotoGP, Valentino on the Mercedes F1, ed) was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. After all, our common skill – at these levels – is adaptability to different conditions. Of course, when I ride a motorcycle on the track the trajectories change, such as the braking point and the speed of a corner but the final aim is the same: to close the round in the shortest time possible. We have a spirit of adaptation, it all comes naturally to us. It also happened to me when I had the opportunity to fly with a fighter …! “

“My first time ever was when I was five, on vacation in Ibiza. We were out and about taking a look, we found a kart track and I tried one. From the first lap I understood the driving technique, what I then used throughout my karting career a gift of nature, in addition to the spirit of adaptation. And then, speed in learning. Not only that: my family didn’t have the possibility to finance my career, so they tried less than my opponents and where to learn quickly. The same thing repeated itself, even more substantially, when I switched to motor racing. Above all, however, there are passion and … hunger! “

“In everyday life I am one hundred percent focused on the present. In the car, on the other hand, you always have to look ahead, beyond the next corner, or rather the next two. Because you have to take into account the different strategies and their evolution during the race. And then everything happens quickly: for us with the cars and even more so for our fellow motorcyclists, who are practically sitting on … a rocket! “

Of course, I especially love getting to the circuit and driving on the track. But I also really like visiting the factory regularly and – especially during the winter break – to see how the machine is the final product of the work of many people: many details, even very small and apparently insignificant that … fit together perfectly “.

“One of the moments I remember with the greatest emotion is my first test at the wheel of a single-seater of the highest formula. It was the era of V10 engines: I remember the scream of its noise in my ears and I remember thinking: he did it! I think Valentino can understand me why precisely at that time – when Schumacher was at Ferrari – he had the opportunity to drive the Red “.

“People like me and Valentino have a role of responsibility in our sport and towards the new generations. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what I do with Mission 44 “: try to create job opportunities in Motorsport. One thousand to two thousand people work in a Formula One team and – as happens on the other hand in the United Kingdom job market United, minorities and diversity are poorly represented. A system that is largely unfair, even more so in motor sport, in a rich, indeed very rich environment, in which costs increase year after year “.

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