Mariella Nava: “Art and friendship unite us”

«Ours was a meeting of art and friendship». Mariella Nava mentioned this about “Trialogo”, the album of the trio Cantautrici with Rossana Casale and Grazia Di Michele, which will be released on April 8 on all digital platforms.

“We are three artists with different backgrounds and characters, but basically very similar in the tenacity with which we face work and everyday life – admitted the singer-songwriter from Taranto – Our experiences have come together in a thorough search for sensations and reflections to be decoded in notes and words. We entrust all our thoughts and courage to music ». “Trialogo” is a project started at the end of 2019 with a tour expanded by the continuous ‘stop and go’ due to the covid-19 emergency and with the release of the three lucky singles “Segnali universali”, “Anime di vetro” and “Sotto another sky “. «It was not the easiest historical period to meet – Mariella underlined – We went through a thousand and more difficulties, but this made us stronger and more convinced to continue the project with only our energies. The lockdown with all the problems deriving from the pandemic has not stopped us, just as this dark period of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the high international tensions is not stopping us, because as women we believe that these are precisely the moments in which we must not give up, those of storms, as we wrote in the single “Souls of glass” ».

In addition to the three singles mentioned, “Trialogo” contains other unpublished pieces written by six hands and three previously published pieces, a tribute that each artist wanted to make to the other by going to fish a small pearl in the repertoire of others. “It is not for us to remain still and let ourselves be assailed by discouragement, on the contrary the common thought is to roll up our sleeves and be even more operational – he argued – We are of the opinion that we can break the chain of anxiety and fear through embrace of a song and this new album. A song comes to look for you and serves not to feel alone even in a moment of pain. Just as listening to a record satisfies you, reconnects you to someone, or attending a concert can tear you away from the isolation of your home, get you out and join again ».

“Trialogo”, as the title already suggests, was born from a three-way dialogue on life, love, relationships, feelings, the world, with its beauties, its tragedies and its complexity: it is the attentive look and caring for three friends, whose artistic history has always been permeated by sensitivity and commitment. “Art gives back breath and helps to soften the souls already so tried, and music to make a few minutes, a day or an evening become lighter and more comforting – he confessed – We ourselves have almost clung to these three years of work together because in some way it has filled us with hopes, with the future, it has allowed us to think beyond the black that loomed before us every time. We have found more strength to challenge the headwinds and today finally having our record in our hands fills us with happiness. Everyone always needs a dream to succeed and to wake up and still feel alive ». Although now far from Taranto for work, Mariella always has her city in her heart.

“I have yet another dream: to bring our three-way concert to a beautiful theater in my city – he hoped – We started from the Blue Note in Milan almost three years ago, passed through the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, we touched many beautiful places far and wide for the whole of Italy up to Switzerland and always with sold out and a very warm welcome: we just need to sing together for my Taranto because I’m sure the Taranto people would appreciate it very much “. With this project in particular Mariella, Grazia and Rossana support Emergency, both through the recording activity and through the ‘live’; they also promote a group of young and talented songwriters, who are entrusted with the opening of the concerts. Produced by the same three songwriters, “Trialogo” was arranged in New York by Phil De Laura. At the same time, the single, accompanied by a video, of “I am love” will be released, a poignant reflection on love and the pain of her absence. In the name of love miracles are performed, and terrible acts are committed in its very name. It is love itself, in the first person, to observe humanity and to tell the fragility, the courage, the beauty and the dark abysses of his soul, in the song “I am love”, written by Rossana Casale, Grazia By Michele and Mariella Nava. Love is the most used word and too often mystified and betrayed in its deepest meaning, by invoking it noble acts but also massacres are committed, wars are unleashed, violence is committed. For this reason, the three artists decide to go out now, during one of the darkest pages of history, with this song taken from the album “Trialogo” in which love claims its space where it is trampled on and ignored: it is a cry against the lack of affect that often obscures the human heart and mind, so that you can rediscover the love of the gesture of peace.

Franco Gigante

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