Marko crowns Ferrari and Leclerc: “He is driving excellently” – Formula 1

Ferrari And Red Bull are the great protagonists of this start of the 2022 season. If the two RB18s of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez had not ended up knocked out in Bahrain, the rankings would be more than tight, instead the Scuderia di Maranello and Charles Leclerc enjoy a good margin after just two acts. In terms of performance and leaving aside reliability, however, the RB18 and F1-75 have always been very close, with the car made in Maranello currently more performing at 360 °, since it seems to excel in all conditions, being able to afford a downforce such as to have less tire degradation than the single-seater signed by Adrian Newey.

The men under Christian Horner, however, know they have to work and develop the RB18 properly to give Max Verstappen more chances in a fight with his peer Charles Leclerc that promises to be exciting. On fast tracks Red Bull and Ferrari are practically equal, but when the circuits are slow and winding at the moment the F1-75 seems to have something more. Even because Charles Leclerc he seems in a state of grace and perfectly at ease in the cockpit of the Ferrari 2022, a car that has yet to be fully understood by Carlos Sainz.

Helmut Marko during the winter he had supported the thesis that one of his former students in the Red Bull youth program – Sainz in fact – by joining Ferrari and closing the season in front of Leclerc had demystified the aura that envelops the Monegasque class 1997, from always considered a champion. According to Marko precisely the criticism in the past has been too generous towards Leclerc, but the level expressed by the latter in this beginning has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the head of the Red Bull youth program. Marko does not shy away from paying a fitting tribute to Leclerc: “Ferrari is a car that is always fast in all conditions regardless of the temperature or the tires – the words of Helmut Marko released to the Austrian broadcaster Servus TvLeclerc is driving absolutely flawlessly this season, so it will be an exciting year ”.


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