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The 2022 world championship has already closed the first three races scheduled, with results that are generating a climate of strong general concern at home Red Bull: if we exclude the victory achieved by Verstappen in Saudi Arabia, the Dutch number 1 had to deal with two retirements due to technical problems, the same that forced Sergio Perez to finish the race in Bahrain prematurely. The issue of reliability is therefore the one that causes the most discussion at Red Bull – as well as in AlphaTauri – but it is not the only one.

What is troubling the Milton Keynes team are also the performance differences seen between the RB18 and the Ferrari, emerged especially in the last round in Australia: on the Melbourne circuit, in fact, the F1-75 showed a much higher pace than the Red Bull of the Verstappen-Perez duo, as well as reduced tire wear. These are aspects that are particularly worrying the Councilor of the Anglo-Austrian house Helmut Markoso spoke to the microphones of Servus TV: “First, there are the reliability problems – explained the manager – which we hardly ever had last year, but the lag compared to Ferrari was also alarming. They just controlled the pace and did it without wearing out the tires. If Max picked up his pace, Leclerc could react easily. We were negatively surprised by the speed of the Ferrari – they had hardly any graining, while we already had it after a few laps. Ferrari can more easily find a good balance with the car in terms of set-up ”.

To make matters worse, there are also other differences related to weight of the single-seaterswith the two Red Bulls showing higher figures on the scale than those of Maranello’s rivals: “We are clearly heavier than the Ferrari – confirmed Marko – I think we have a weight handicap of around 10kg. Converted to lap times, this equates to a delay of approximately 3 tenths. However, lowering the weight is expensive. We are facing difficult times. We will now bring an update to Imola – he added – if it works as well as the first ones and if we manage to reduce the weight, we can bring our package on par with Ferrari. However, the most important thing remains to solve the reliability problems: you can also have a fast car, but if you don’t reach the finish line, it’s useless “.

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