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The first two races of the 2022 world championship reserved great surprises among the teams that took to the track in the new era of Formula 1, with the exploit of Haas, in the points zone in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which made the headlines. To conquer the double top 10, moreover, was the one on whom there were the lowest expectations ever, thanks to the return to F1 at the last minute to replace Nikita Mazepin and, moreover, after a year of absence from the top flight: Kevin Magnussen. In Sakhir and Gedda, the Dane managed to do what the US team had not accomplished throughout 2021, finishing at the bottom of the standings without any points scored.

A general satisfaction that, however, clashes with the disappointment of a Mick Schumacher still looking for a compelling performance. Michael’s son is in fact going through a complex period, the result of excessive pressure translated into a 11th place in Bahrain and, above all, in a bad accident during qualifying in Jeddah, with a very violent impact that pushed their team to keep the German away from the race as a precaution. The direct confrontation with his teammate does not favor the number 47, who is struggling to find the necessary serenity. An aspect, the latter, also remarked by the Director of Red Bull Helmut Marko. The Austrian manager, interviewed by Osterreichexplained the delicate moment that Schumacher is going through, hoping that the accident in Jeddah will not further worsen his already critical situation: “Mick had a very difficult moment in the first race in Bahrain, where the direct confrontation with Magnussen was evident. – explained the 78-year-old – things were looking better in Jeddah until that one serious mistake in qualifying. I hope this incident does not bring him back further “.

In addition, this time to the microphones of RTLMarko highlighted what is the primary goal of the 23-year-old, crucial to continue in the top flight: “It is clear that if Schumacher wants to continue his career he has to beat Magnussen – has explained – also why this it is a year in which it will be tested“.

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