Marko’s irony angers Mexican media – F1 Team – Formula 1

It does not seem possible to spend a weekend in Formula 1 without some controversy triggered also – or above all, as in this case – by the words of Helmut Marko. The Austrian consultant of the Red Bull house, known in the paddock for not having a particular sense of diplomacy and for his rather sharp and sincere language, this time managed to send the Mexican media on a rampage. Merit (so to speak) of a sentence by him decidedly out of place released on German TV Sky Deutschland. The 78-year-old from Graz was commenting, on Friday, the nascent discussions that would then lead to the endless GPDA meeting on whether or not to compete in the GP following the attack carried out by the Huthi rebels of Yemen against an Aramco facility. about 20 km from the Jeddah circuit.

Analyzing the reactions of the two drivers of his team, Marko highlighted how Verstappen had reacted more calmly than Sergio Perez. So far, nothing wrong with that. The words that followed, however, are certainly much less justifiable: “Max is a little more relaxed about it. Perez is a little scared. But living in Mexico City isn’t much saferor”. Understandably, the phrase of the Austrian executive was reported by many Mexican media, all furious with the gray eminence of Milton Keynes. There was no shortage of accusations of “racism”, as he titled the site El Universal. In general, all the media outlets in that country have stigmatized Marko’s comparison between the situation in Mexico and that of Saudi Arabia.

Another comment that promises to be discussed was the one issued by the Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, who instead had his say on whether or not to continue the weekend. In reality, since Friday all the team managers agreed on the idea of ​​going forward regularly with the GP. The Mercedes boss, however, has perhaps gone a little too far, defining culturally normal”, For the Saudis, dealing with explosions caused by missiles. “Is it acceptable for us to run 10 miles from where a drone rocket is fired at an oil rig? Certainly not. But here, within their culture, these are things that happenWolff said, as reported by the site GPFans.


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