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The start of the 2022 season certainly did not smile McLaren in terms of performance and competitiveness on the track, but the English team can now face the next Australian GP with the great satisfaction of an official recognition by the FIA: the Woking manufacturer has in fact announced the achievement of the award Three Stars Environmental Accreditation Programthat is to say the highest certification by the International Federation for companies in motorsport attentive to the theme of sustainability and respect for the environment.

McLaren, which was the first to achieve Three Stars in 2013, thus confirmed its high quality standard for ninth year in a row, strengthening its research and the best instrumental and technological practices aimed at an ever lower impact on the environment. A milestone that satisfies the entire team and the new Director of Sustainability of McLaren Racing, Kim Wilsonpromoted to this role in January: “McLaren has a history of sustainable leadership – he has declared – and we recognize our responsibility to provide solutions to sustainability challenges through our people, operations and practices. Receiving FIA environmental accreditation for the ninth consecutive year shows that we continue to take steps in the right direction, but we know there is still a lot to do. We will continue to focus on implementing a circular mindset and educating our staff to further increase environmental awareness, in addition to the areas for improvement recommended by the FIA ​​”.

The awards to the British team also came from the President of the Environment and Sustainability Commission of the FIA, Felipe Calderon: “I congratulate McLaren Racing on its significant achievement of the renewed three-star FIA environmental accreditation – he has declared – which demonstrates the strength of its long-term commitment to environmental sustainability. McLaren became the first motorsports organization in the world to receive FIA ​​environmental accreditation in 2013. Actions since then have brought McLaren to the highest standards at the Three Star level today. This award is recognition that McLaren Racing has consistently been at the forefront of advanced innovation to create a sustainable sport for the future and marks a new milestone in this ongoing journey. “

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