McLaren disappointing, Seidl questions the MCL36 project – News

Of this new era embarked on by Formula 1 it was said how we would have one convergence towards certain technical interpretations. And how some teams would have been caught off guard by wrong solutions. After two races, the facts speak in favor of the ideas developed by Ferrari, those cultivated in Red Bull.

A good result was also achieved by Haas, Alfa Romeo. At the dawn of the world championship, Mercedes and McLaren were rejected, even more by Aston Martin.

Difficulties are not hidden in Woking, Andreas Seidl points them out and says of a proving ground for the whole team. McLaren returning from a series of constantly growing championships, recovering after years of darkness and difficulty. 2022 had opened with the Barcelona tests and very favorable impressions. Misleading impressions immediately emerged in Bahrain, between serious reliability problems on the braking system and an MCL36 unable to make the progress seen by its rivals.

It will take time to recover performance

“We simply don’t have enough performance. There is no specific origin, the machine works and the base is goodhowever, we simply lack grip.

I don’t expect miracles, it’s not easy to reach the level of our opponents. It will take time and we will have to be patient.

We know we have a problem of principle in terms of performance and that is where we are focusing. The development over the past 3 years has been a very good aspect. The sun has always been shining on the team, now we are put to the test, knowing how to manage such a situation“, comments Seidl to motorsport-magazin.

McLaren between upcoming developments and radical news

Beyond the pull-rod front suspension, the MCL36 seen in action so far did not shine for particular aerodynamic innovations. The team principal points out a grip deficit to be resolved and questions the aerodynamic concept underlying the project.

“We are fully focused on extracting as much performance as possible from the MCL36, we continue with all the developments we had already planned. Thus we will be able to achieve improvements in the short term. At the same time we are conducting an important analysis of the entire aerodynamic concept, He says. Discussions that will lead to developments, in McLaren as well as in Aston Martin, which could take radically different directions, with an aerodynamic balance reference now defined by the Ferrari F1-75, followed by Red Bull.

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