Mercedes: is George Russell the column to lean on to build the restart?

F1 – Having a seven-time world champion as a teammate must be a rather uncomfortable condition. He knows something about it Valtteri Bottas than from the comparison with Lewis Hamilton it came out quite a bit bruised. George Russell he does not want to allow himself to be crushed by his fellow countryman and prefers to assimilate rather than observe without reacting.

The technical condition in which she suddenly found herself there Mercedes it is certainly not “the humus” in which to proliferate the best intentions. Russellwhich in F1 debuted in 2019 in a derelict Williamsdid nothing but look from afar Hamilton intent on destroying records and opponents. Observe and dream of one day being able to have the same access to glory. The three-year stay a Grove made the champion of the F2 2018. Humanly, professionally and in piloting skills because it was not easy to showcase yourself despite technical projects that were anything but working.

The moment when George Russell’s Williams crashes into Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes during the 2021 Imola GP

The driver Of King’s Lynn he made his bones in the stable that he belonged to Sir Frank and in which, among others, large calibers such as Senna, Mansell And Prost and so on. You have developed an aptitude for suffering and a tendency to self-denial to call yourself out of difficult moments. And what the Three Pointed Star going through it is without a doubt. There W13 she was born well but grew up badly. The aerodynamic pumping it is the constraint on the unfolding of the potential of a machine that is perhaps too extreme to function immediately.

The question is difficult to resolve: in Mercedes they do not know, or have not yet understood, if the car is fast enough, net of the annoying phenomenon that limits it in all the crucial phases of the lap: acceleration, braking, cornering and the ability to develop speed on straight lines.

George Russell, Mercedes AMG F1

Perhaps it is being accustomed to swimming in rough, cold seas that gives a certain degree of confidence to the boy who he says he is convinced that solving the problem of the porpoising will cure “99%” of the ills of the gray car. A much more optimistic point of view than that expressed by Lewis Hamilton which speaks of a project in difficulty in various areas. And therefore Russell who tries to send a message of hope to the team by becoming the driver of a reality accustomed not to go with the flow but to describe it.

The 24-year-old British is therefore displaying skills of wisdom that you usually do not expect at that age and that are not going unnoticed among the insiders. Just as the reaction did not go under the table after the difficult qualifications of Sakhir. TO Jeddahwhile a scafato Hamilton got lost among ineffective structures and unlikely fake-ingenious solutions, George he kept the bar straight and tried to keep the whole team afloat. Achievement achieved by obtaining a double fifth place in qualifying-race which tastes best in this historical phase.

David Coulthard, McLaren 2001 vice world champion

I was very impressed – has explained David Coulthard at the Mirror – For me George owns it all, it’s a complete package. He has speed, he has excellent communication skills: he is a modern version of a high level professional driver. I thought that before the season started and I haven’t seen anything that made me change my mind since then“.

The former McLaren believes that the apprenticeship stage for Russell has already run out. “Ferrari and Red Bull they started flying from the blocks. Some might think that the first two races of George did not live up to its standards. I disagree, but I think he handled the car and the situation well. You can only drive the car that was given to you. His next work, along with Lewis Hamiltonwill be to develop the car to let the Mercedes to win again“.

A Russell which is therefore in the position of being the beam on which to rest the team’s technical reconstruction. The Brit has amply shown that he has broad shoulders. But this does not mean that a possible failure of the Mercedes in mending the chronometric tear can be ascribed to his responsibilities. George must have the ability to become a leader and be the future of Three Pointed Star. Its real task is to put itself in a position to be stably glued to the performance of Hamilton. And, from this point of view, the start of the 2022 cannot be considered disappointing.

F1-Author: Diego Catalano @ diegocat1977

Photo: F1TV, Mercedes AMG F1

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