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The aerodynamic rebound to be resolved and an excess of drag, of resistance to advancement, which in Saudi Arabia they tried to buffer in its gravity compared to Bahrain. Mercedes is having to work on multiple areas of the W13’s performancewith different intervention times.

Porpoising will take up to four matches before being resolved, in the perspectives outlined by the technicians. Imola, perhaps, for effective corrective measures.

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Mercedes with an excess of aerodynamic drag

Then there is the drag matter, a theme that had interested Ferrari in recent seasons, when in 2020, with the power unit burdened by the limitations imposed on the FIA, all the drag of that project.

You work in the factory, George Russell conducted simulator sessions on Tuesday to prepare for the next appointment, in less than two weeks in Melbourne: “I went back to Brackley, al I work on the simulator to make the correlations with the race weekend in Saudi Arabia and prepare for Melbourne, the next race.

Editor’s editorial: Ferrari, our national team

We are trying to get back to the top positions of the grid, where we want to be. We are all working as hard as possible to overcome the problems we have with the car.

There is optimism about a good machine hidden under the problems we have and it will take some time “. Thus, English.

New rear wing coming to Australia

In Arabia, Mercedes drastically worked the upper flap of the rear wing, unloading the profile by reducing the chord. It was not enough to solve the drag problem; others, see Red Bull – with a much more exhausted set-up than the Ferrari – they also produced novelties on the beam wing at the base of the rear wing, reducing the width of the double profiles.

It is on the rear wing that Mercedes will go to produce new products in Melbourneaccording to the previews collected by journalist Michael Schmidt, on Auto Motor und Sport.

An important part of drag would be concentrated around the design choices of the rear wing, which the technicians hope to resolve with the intervention arriving in Melbourne. So keep your eyes on the upper profiles and those at the base, on the sides of the exhaust terminal, to read the differences compared to the initial specification.

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