Montagnana, the world of tennis in mourning for Paolini

Daniele Guido Paolini, 61 years old

Commercial agent was 61 years old. The president of the Tennis Club: «A friend is leaving, a reference figure for our club». Funeral Friday 8 April

MONTAGNANA. He passed away at the age of 61the Daniele Guido Paoliniwell known person in Montagnana e great supporter of Montagnanese tennis.

Born and raised in the walled town, Paolini has always worked as commercial agent, a profession that over the years has allowed him to meet many people. He has always combined his professional activity with tennis, a great passion to which he devoted time when he was not working.

In fact, in his free moments, he was assiduous frequenter of the Tennis Club of Montagnana, both as a player but also as an event organizer. In fact, Paolini used to help the board of directors, even though he was not really part of it, in the preparation of the various activities, thus giving invaluable help to the club.

For years he played in matches and tournaments in the Montagnano cluband in recent months, it also has arbitrated many Sunday and evening matches.

The president of the tennis club, Nicola Rodighierohe gathers around the family in grief for the loss, and comments on the sad disappearance thus: «The news left us stunned and I was disconcerted when it was communicated to me. A friend leaves who has always been dedicated to the growth of the club and we still cannot believe we have lost such a great supporter ».

Rodighiero then continues: «Daniele, whom we called Lele, has always given us precious help in all our activities. He was a companion and a reference figure within our club. Although not part of the board it was as if he were, given his importance for us ».

In addition to the president of the Montagnana Tennis Club, many other people remember Paolini as a man who is always available and serene, ready to help in case of need. Paolini leaves his wife and a son. The last greeting will be held on Friday 8 April at 10, in the Cathedral of Montagnana, while the recitation of the rosary will take place on Thursday 7 at 19.15, also in the Montagnanese cathedral. –

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