Moratti: “Inter renews Perisic. I would always take Dybala. Stadium in Sesto? I say…”

Massimo Moratti, former Inter president, gave an interview to the microphones of Radio Anch’io Sport. These are his statements

Massimo Moratti, former Inter president, gave an interview to the microphones of Radio Anch’io Sport. These are his statements.

Would it be correct for the first three to play simultaneously?

Yes, I agree: it would be more interesting and fair.

Inter are back in control of their own destiny.

The numbers say this, it is a championship that every Sunday puts on track something new and someone different as a possible winner. Inter seems to me to have taken the right step and convinced: they played very well.

Who would you take as the first fan? Lukaku or Dybala?

I consider Dybala so strong that I would always take it. It depends on the other center forward: we need it, if Lukaku is not another reserve. A holder must be taken.

Will top football remain indifferent in the face of the turmoil of these times?

The situation was made difficult by the pandemic, now the war has arrived: this applies to everything. We must hope that it continues because it is a distraction for everyone’s mind: watching the games is worth more than before because it distracts you from the tension.

Lautaro Martinez came a little less: why?

Why I don’t know, but it promises a lot: for years we have been thinking that it can become continuous. It hasn’t happened yet, I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t play consistently: but he has the means, he’s lively in the game, he’s brave. We hope that in the final giving him space he can express himself at his best.

Dzeko better without Lautaro?

Who knows. Correa is not bad, he is intelligent and creates spaces for him: Dzeko is a great champion, if he goes there is no story. Let’s hope for continuity: Inter must do their best in this moment.

Did you expect Juventus to quit the game?

Milan have already done a lot, we just have to thank Pioli: the team did very well. Now she is in a moment of tiredness as happened to Inter: it happens to everyone, we have to see if they will have the strength to recover. There is a notable game difference with City-Liverpool due to the pace and quality: the players go faster because they know how to handle the ball very well. They are two different sports: some of our teams are in crisis but they have not expressed themselves at their best. Juve are not out of the game unfortunately: in one way or another they win, you have to be careful because they are approaching and taking positions.

Everything seemed to be going pretty quiet, then there were problems because people have to express themselves: Sesto is an excellent area but it is a shame to take it out of Milan. I insist: San Siro is beautiful and you can see it very well, this need is not there. Maybe there is an economic need for the clubs, they know that. Keeping a monument there is useless, San Siro has its validity: it is still valid and when a fan enters it he feels all the passion that a place expresses. We try to preserve it.

What must be done to have Italians in the big names?

We need to be more careful in the youth sectors. I believe a lot in the type of training, let the guys express their quality and have less armor of tactics: maybe there is also a greater growth of passion in this case. You have to choose them for their qualities, not just if they respond to tactics.

I do not know the story: it will not end in a drama, there will be fines and the teams will learn the lesson because this thing made a noise. Unfortunately, football costs and you have to keep up with it without inventing that it doesn’t cost.

What do you think of the new jerseys that are circulating?

The designers are there on purpose to invent something, but it is the company that chooses: in the end they make you the shirt as you want. I wouldn’t blame the designer for wanting to do something new. The imagination was used for the second, the first was traditional: I don’t know how much it affects, but sometimes the nostalgia for true colors comes. The boys today 90 minutes of the game can not stand them: if you take away the points of reference … The past serves to strengthen the passion of the people: if you delete it, it is useless to complain.

Don’t you think that young Italians cost too much?

It has always been like that. In the youth sectors there is no such situation: I make a question of the attraction of young people and the fact that they can express their quality.

I hear him from time to time and he is always a friend as I left him, perhaps more: I wish him to do very well starting after Inter.

Do you feel a scudetto coming up?

There are only a few days left, you can’t go wrong anymore: easy games scare me, simple games are those in which championships are lost or won. That Inter remain focused, out of luck I prefer not to say anything.

I understand it may bother a judgment, but Perisic needs to be renewed because he is the best at the moment.

It is strange, the team had expressed themselves well and had found the right place: playing in Naples, they often find themselves in this situation, Fiorentina played very well. I didn’t expect defeat, but I always find him a difficult and most serious opponent.

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