Moratti: ‘Scudetto fight, the first 4 must play at the same time. Juve still in the running, yes to Dybala at Inter ‘| First page

Massimo Moratti, former Inter president, spoke to Radio Raiin the transmission Radio Anch’io Sport, starting from the championship race and the need to play at the same time, as requested yesterday by Milan coach Stefano Pioli: “It would be more interesting and fair if the top four all played on the same day and at the same time. “

Inter are now mistress of their own destiny again.
“The numbers say this but the championship puts something new on the track every Sunday. The Nerazzurri made the right step and convinced, playing really well.”

Who would you take at Inter between Dybala and Lukaku?
“Dybala I would always take him, I consider him really strong. I think a center forward is needed anyway, if he is not Lukaku he will still need a new one for next season.”

How do you see the economic situation of Italian football?
“He was already in trouble, the pandemic has done even worse. Football is a distraction for everyone’s mind, matches are essential to take away thoughts today.”

Lautaro has only scored three goals in the last few months in Serie A, why?
“I don’t know, he’s a player who promises a lot but hasn’t made the extra step yet. He has the means to do well, he has class and courage. I hope he can do better in the last few games. Did Dzeko do well without him? Correa is not bad, he is intelligent and creates space. The Bosnian is a great champion, we ask him for continuity from now to the end of the year “.

What do you think of Milan?
“This year he has done a lot, there is only to thank Pioli. Now it is a moment of tiredness, a period like this can happen. Now we will see if he has the strength to win again, yesterday’s attack hurt. We saw a great match in England yesterday, the pace is completely different and it is due to the quality of the individuals. They are two different sports, our teams are in crisis but they haven’t done their best. “

Did you expect Juventus to come out of league games?
“I don’t think Juve are out of the game, unfortunately. They always manage to win in some way and the top three will have to pay attention to the bianconeri, who never give up.”

The new San Siro could be done in Sesto San Giovanni. What do you think?
“Entering this crawl space is not something to do. Everything seemed to go quiet, then problems arose. Sesto San Giovanni is an excellent area for a stadium but it would be bad for Milan. The need for an economic nature is there, we’ll see. there a monument like San Siro would be useless, I don’t want to defend it but it is still valid and when you enter there you feel the same passion as ever, a place where incredible pages have been written “.

The big names do not focus on young Italians. What could be done to change this trend?
“I don’t know. More attention should be paid to the youth sector. The boys have to express themselves for what their qualities are, with less tactics. In this way everyone’s passion would grow, you shouldn’t just see tactical skill.”

Tomorrow there will be the first stage of the capital gains process, what do you expect?
“I don’t know the story well enough but I don’t think it can end in a drama. There will be fines and I think the clubs have learned their lesson. Football costs, you don’t have to invent things to pretend it doesn’t cost.”

What do you think of the new jerseys that are circulating, with unlikely colors?
“I think the designers are there on purpose, but the one who chooses is the club, not the sponsor. In the end, indications are given, but the final choice is for the clubs, who are looking for something new. Usually the fantasy was used for the second jersey, not for the former. Every now and then there is a nostalgia for true colors. We must not take away points of reference from young people, but strengthen their passion “.

What do you think of the many foreigners arriving in Italy?
“It has always been like this in recent years, a larger market is easier to exploit. We need to work on the youth sectors.”

Have you heard from Mourinho?
“Every now and then I hear him, he is always lively, affectionate and friendly. I wish him to do very well but not against Inter after Easter.”

Do you think Inter will win the Scudetto?
“There are so few days to go that the impression is that no one can make mistakes anymore. What worries me are the easier games on paper. I hope Inter will stay focused.”

Would you renew the contract with Perisic?
“I think so, he is the best at the moment and the club has to do everything to make him extend it.”

What do you think of the Napoli ko?
“He had expressed himself well lately, he loses a lot at home but Fiorentina played really well yesterday. I didn’t expect defeat, I still think he is the most serious opponent for Inter.”

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