Moto – News, BMC, filtering efficiency from F1 to MotoGP through the 24H of Le Mans

Let the engine breathe. It is the categorical imperative for all designers. A result that is thought to depend solely or mainly on the use of a more or less free drain. It is not so.

A free aspiration is, in fact, equally important, but in daily use it is also essential to protect the engines from the possible presence of harmful micro-particles., if you inhale, in the air. BMC was born from this need, the result of the passion for the engines of founder and current president Gaetano Bergami.

From the import of racing products by Yoshimura, Mikuni, Kayaba, Bridgestone and Cosworth in 1973, we moved on to the construction of complete motorcycles, which reached the 24 Hours of Le Mans under the aegis of the official Suzuki team until in 1995, a particular request arrived from the horse stable which led, in 15 days, to the construction of a prototype of what would later become the famous BMC red air filters.

The rest is today’s history: for the past fourteen years BMC has equipped the winning F1 cars, taking home ben 14 Manufacturers ‘Titles and 14 Drivers’ Titles. THEFurthermore, BMC has always been a protagonist in the DTM e championship in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where he won 12 and 15 titles respectively in past years, equipping Audi and Porsche.

The same level of excellence has been achieved for two wheels: since 2005 BMC has been the official supplier and sponsor of Yamaha Factory Racing, supporting i Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP and Yamaha Worldsbk Superbike team.

A lasting and winning partnership that brought the 6th Drivers’ Title last year thanks to the world championships won by Fabio Quartararo and Toprak Ratzgatlioglu.

Thanks to this, 2021 BMC took home four world victories, respectively in Formula 1, WRC (World Rally Championship), Subaru Super GT, Yamaha Moto GP and Yamaha SBK.

Thanks to the experience gained in competitions, at the highest levels, the aftermarket product line has such a high quality standard that it can be used as standard equipment on supercars of the caliber of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche.

BMC cotton filters are designed and built in Italy by Italian engineers and technicians and, even in the most extreme conditions, they guarantee maximum performance, but also hardness and reliability certified by the international standards ISO5011.

A standard, the latter that indicates the test methodology of the filtering systems and the type of dust used: these are powders with particularly fine gradations ranging from 1 – 80 microns filtered with efficiency up to 97% by BMC filters compared to the standards and therefore certified at the highest levels.


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