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Only 3 riders did better than Pedrito. Those in business who have won the Moto2 championship are Marc Marquez, his brother Alex, Pol Espargaro, Johann Zarco, Franco Morbidelli, Pecco Bagnaia, Enea Bastianini and Remy Gardner

March 29, 2022

Un twelfth place (with an excellent comeback) and a ninth place and immediately down criticism for Pedro Acosta, unfulfilled expectations, it must be downsized, are we sure he is a champion? etcetera etcetera.

But, as he pointed out Loris Reggiani in a direct with ZamPedro Acosta won in Moto3 but he came from championships in which he was riding Moto3 while instead Moto2 is completely new and a period of adjustment is natural.

Not all drivers are ready immediately, there are those who take little, some more and the adaptation process varies from class to class. We took him as a reference for a comparison with Acosta 8 Moto2 world champions who now compete in MotoGP.

From the comparison it emerged that they did only better than Acosta in the first two races Bagnaia, Bastianini and a pilot from huge talent but that only passed through Moto2 for a year: Maverick Vinales.

Let’s start with Marc Marquez

P.we come from the pilot of which Acosta could be the heir. The 93 arrived in Moto2 in 2011, after winning the title in 125. In the first three races he collected two withdrawals And a 21st place. Then he measured the category and in the fourth race he won in France.

From then on he was super competitive and finished the season in second place: he probably would have won the championship if he hadn’t had that dramatic fall in the Malaysian GP that involved the first episode of diplopia (news and VIDEO: Marquez does not race in Argentina). In 2012 came the victory of the world championship, respecting the rule of the champions who score 300 points.

In short, Marquez started to get results from the fourth Moto2 race.

Brother Alex

THEhe class of ’96 made his debut in Moto2 at 19 and did better than his more titled brother. Alex made some placings in the first four races: an 11th place, two 15th consecutive and a ninth. The first victory, however, came in 2017 and the title in 2019, at 23 and scoring less than 300 points.

The Italians Morbidelli, Bagnaia and Bastianini

D.a few years ago Moto2 is a land of conquest for the Italian riders (and this year looks promising Celestino Vietti).

Franco Morbidelli he started racing in the world championship directly in Moto2, at the age of 19 in 2013. A difficult start and not as an official rider: 21st, 18th and 17th. The first podium came in 2015 in Indianapolis, the first victory in the year in which he won the world championship, 2017. For him in the end 8 wins, 308 points and the move to the premier class.

Pecco Bagnaia he found himself very comfortable in Moto2, so much so that he had an excellent debut season: after a 12th, a seventh and a 16th place, two second places immediately arrived and at the end of the year he was the best rookie. In the second season, however, he won the title with 306 points and 8 victories.

Enea Bastianini he made his debut in the middle class in 2019 and, like the other two Italians, won the title in the second season. In the first year his results in the first 4 races were three consecutive ninth places and one 11th. In the first year he made a podium while in 2020, the shorter championship due to Covid, he won 3 races and beat Luca Marini in the title race.

Two-time world champion Zarco

THEhe French driver won in mature age the two titles, at 25 and 26 years old. His Moto2 debut dates back to 2012, at the age of 22. In the first four races a 12th, a tenth, a fourth place and a retirement. His first victory came in 2015, when he won the championship with 352 points. In 2016, another success with 276 points. In 2017 the move to MotoGP, where he has not yet won a race.

Pol Espargaro and Remy Gardner

THEhe MotoGP veteran Pol Espargaro won the 2013 Moto2 title with 265 points. His debut dates back to 2011, when he was 20 years old. In the first four races: 22nd, 20th, sixth and 13th. In 2014 the move to MotoGP where, in the ninth season, he is still chasing his first victory.

Remy Gardner is the last winner of the middle class. Title arrived by beating super rookie Raul Fernandez (fifth, third, first and fifth in the 4 debut races in 2021). The Australian son of Wayne instead made his debut in the middle class in 2016 at the age of 18: 15th, 20th, 12th and 19th his first 4 placings. His first victory came in 2020, last year’s title, obtained with 311 points, is the son of 5 victories and another 7 podiums out of 18 races.

Other beginnings in Moto 2 of those who have not won the world championship but are still an important rider

M.averick Vinales he did only one season in Moto2: in 2014 at the age of 19 he obtained the third final place and already won in the second race.

Also for Joan Mir only one season in limbo, 2018: sixth place finish, 4 podiums but no victory.

Fabio Quartararo, as you know, it did not shine in the lower categories. In 2017, the Frenchman obtained a seventh, a retirement, a 12th and a 16th place in the first 4 races, ending the first year of Moto2 without treble.

So what to expect from Acosta in Moto2?

C.As we have already said, the rider born in 2004 is the major media attraction of the lower classes and the first two races held in Moto2 have not affected this expectation, even if some criticisms have arrived, as mentioned at the beginning. But in Qatar and Indonesia the Moto3 champion has proved its worthdisputing two solid races and finishing in the points.

The expectations for the Spaniard they are clear: he will be on the same level as Marquez and Rossi if he wins the Moto2 world championship, either this year or next year. But to assess his adaptation and his worth it is necessary to wait at least half of the season and give Pedro the right time.

At the beginning of the article: Pedro Acosta photo by Rob Gray (Polarity Photo)


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