MotoGP 2022. French GP at Le Mans, Rins: “I cried”. Mir: “I’m not talking about the future out of respect for the team” – MotoGP

Alex and Joan speak for the first time after Suzuki’s announcement of retirement, which officially arrived today. Rins: “When they told me I broke down. And I had never seen the Japanese cry ”. Mir: “Immediately you lose motivation, then you react. Something big must have happened to reach this decision ”

May 12, 2022

Le Mans – Passing in front of Suzuki e trucks comes the Magone: how many people are potentially jobless. Theoretically the two pilots are too, Joan Mir And Alen Rins: as always, they speak at different times, but this time it seemed right unite them in their reactions.

How they reacted to the news of the withdrawal

TOlex Rins: “It was really difficult. I’m collapsedI started cry. Since 2017 I have given everything to Suzuki. I gave them a lot of information to develop the bike. The mechanics were upset, the Japanese team even more. I have rarely seen cry the Japanesethis time it happened “

Joan Mir: “When they tell you, logically you feel downyou lose motivation, but then react. In Jerez they informed pilots first and they left us the choice of whether to be present when they informed the teams: both me and Alex we wanted to be there

Suzuki’s decision

TOA42: “The news was a big shock for me and for the team. Whether or not I understand Suzuki’s decision doesn’t matter. And it’s even more difficult to understand, because we are competitive. We are first in the team standings, we are fighting for the championship “

JM36: “That’s a lot heavy. Sure, it’s one disappointmentbut if they have made a decision of this caliber, it must be for an important reason, because we are doing well here and you all know that our team is specialis exemplary. Suzuki has always respected us, so, I insist, something important led them to make this decision “

How to stay motivated

TOR42: “As a driver I have to keep the concentration. We will continue to do what we did before. We will go on race by race. What happened gives me extra motivation: let’s show those in Japan that the wrong decision was made. They told me that i development plans of the bike will be maintained, and I believe in it “

JM36: “The motivation from now on will be logically different, but we will handle this situation as best we can. Suzuki has always acted professionally, I’m sure it will continue to give 100% “

The future

TOA42: “We were dealing with renewal, we were close to signing. I think the team did not know about the retirement, otherwise they would not have carried on there negotiation. I have no choice but to keep fast and see what happens. I am not able to choose now ”.

JM36: “It is clear that a new engine for next year will not be tested in the Montmelò tests … We were speaking of renewal and my idea was to stay at Suzuki, but now my manager has work to do. I don’t like talking about next year out of respect for my team ”.


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