MotoGP 2022. French GP in Le Mans. Fabio Quartararo: “Tire pressure? We have to find a solution with Michelin” – MotoGP

The French driver is calm and aware after the excellent recent results. On the tire pressure case: “There is a difference when you are alone or when you are behind someone”. On the home GP: “It can give more tension but I want to enjoy it and make the fans enjoy it”

May 12, 2022

La driver’s mood is mainly dictated by the results he gets on the track. For this reason, in the press conference on Thursday in Le Mans, Fabio Quartararo he appeared calm and aware of his strength after he made a first and a second place in the last two races, recovering and consolidating his leadership in the championship.

It is an excellent time for the number 20, the rumors about his probable renewal with Yamaha are strong, even more so now that Suzuki has failed (here the first words released by Mir and Rins today).

The French driver was in the stadium of Paris Saint Germain and met football idols Kilian Mbappe And Neymar. On the other hand, this is his (and Zarco’s) home grand prix: “It was nice to ride the bike in the stadium and play with Mbappe and Neymar. It’s nice to experience the home grand prix even if it can give you more tension. but I want to enjoy it and make the fans enjoy it. “

Is running at home an advantage like in football?

“I don’t know if it’s an advantage like in football, of course it’s special to see fans but I don’t think it’s an advantage. Up to now, no Frenchman has won here at Le Mans. And anyway in football you hear the fans, they don’t feel on the bike.”

P.Do you think it will be a rematch with Pecco?

“It’s hard to say, it’s different from Jerez. The important thing is to work as usual from Friday and be already in Q2. Then you have to work to find the right tires for the race.”

Speaking of Pecco and Ducati, it is inevitable to ask Quartararo for a point of view on the pressure-tire case …

“My program in Jerez was to overtake Pecco and stay alone. When you start, however, you don’t know if you will be in front alone or behind. When you are behind the pressure rises. I think it will be difficult to find a regulation, if you start with too high pressure your race can go well or badly. On the front it is more difficult to control the pressure. We have to find something with Michelin so as not to have this difference between when you are alone or when you are behind someone else. “

P.Do you think that if there wasn’t a second Yamaha team in 2023 it would be worse for you?

“If I stay in Yamaha it won’t be a problem if there are only 2 bikes. We struggle a bit to compare the data with the second team so it wouldn’t be a problem if there were only 2 bikes.”

What do you like about the track?

“I like Sectors 1 and 4, 1 especially when it’s hot. I like Turn 3 less, everyone crashes there, it’s a very complicated point. Sector 1, on the other hand, is really beautiful and the last too”

The weather forecast seems to show good weather even if it could change, which race do you prefer, dry or wet?

“I would prefer dry, but we have made huge steps forward in the wet between Mandalika and Portugal. It wouldn’t be a problem if it rained.”


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