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The curves are 20, 12 to the left and the others to the right, there are two straights where you exceed 300 km / h. It is one of the favorite tracks of Marc Marquez who has won us 7 times out of 8. The most challenging corner is 12 where you go from 339 to 65 km / h

April 6, 2022

THEmeanwhile the good news for the GP of the Americas scheduled for this weekend concerns Marc Marquez: Austin’s “master” (having won 7 times out of 8) it will bethe news less good is that, for the second time in two races, the materials are overdue. In Argentina, the GP was under discussion at least until Friday, then the cargo plane arrived, the race against time was completed and the competition took place, albeit over two days.

But we’re here to talk about the Austin circuit and its particularitiesso let’s start: according to Brembo technicians, the Texan track falls into the category of circuits on average demanding for the brakes.

On a scale of 1 to 5 it earned a difficulty index of 3. The Austin track was the subject of deep works in Januarywith the reinforcement of the soil and the laying of the new asphalt In the first It is in the third sector. The disconnections will therefore be less evident, with obvious benefits also in braking thanks to the more grip.

The total curves are 20, 12 on the left and 8 on the right. The most challenging is Turn 12 (you can see the route and details at the end of the article)

Ten braking times, the brakes are used for 37 seconds per lap

ORevery time I ride the MotoGP riders they use the brakes 10 times, the same number as the Portimao circuit but is almost a kilometer shorter. At the Circuit of the Americas the brakes are applied for 37 seconds each lap. Only Silverstone and Sepang with 38 seconds and Losail with 40 seconds have a higher value.

The track alternates great speedswith two traits in which i 300 km / h, with slow corners: 6 of these are tackled at less than 100 km / h. Brake use times also vary considerably, with values ​​ranging from 1.5 to 6.8 seconds. From the start to the checkered flag, each driver exerts a load on the lever of almost 10 quintals.

Super braking at turn 12, from 339 km / h to 65

D.elle 10 braking of the Circuit of the Americas 3 are classified as challenging for the brakes, as many are of medium difficulty; while the remaining 4 have a slight impact on the braking systems.

The hardest of all is that at turn 12: motorbikes arrive at 339 km / h and brake for 6.8 seconds to go down to 65 km / h. The 323 meters of braking mean a load on the lever of 5.6 kg and a deceleration of 1.5 g while the pressure of the Brembo HTC 64T brake fluid reaches 12.1 bar.Bound


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