MotoGP 2022. GP of the Americas in Austin, Aleix Espargaro: “The victory gave me peace of mind, it’s the first time I’ve felt this feeling” – MotoGP

The Aprilia rider is radiant but aware: “I liked it, I’ll try to win again, but it wasn’t an obsession. I don’t think about the championship. I can’t wait to compete here in Texas. This is what Massimo’s arrival has given us. Rivola. I’d like to race two more years. ”

April 7, 2022

“It’s been days very beautifulone feeling of tranquility that I didn’t have never tried in my career. “It is an extremely sincere and relaxed Aleix Espargaro who answered the first questions of the reporters on Thursday in Austin.

“In Qatar I thought I could win, but now I do I know you can win. “ Espargaro transmits confidence after his success in Argentina, the first for Aprilia in the premier class and also his first in the world championship.

“I felt I was driving better than ever – he added – and in Qatar I had the feeling that I was the fastest despite finishing fourth. I still have that feeling. I had and have a lot of speed, like I have never had in my life. I have a competitive package that I have never had in my life. I have the feeling that it will be a very good year for Aprilia and for me. “

“Victory was not an obsession, my goal was to have a family”

C.How were these days from Sunday to today?

“They were very beautiful, I’m very calm, happy, relaxed, it’s a new feeling, I’ve never experienced it in my career. I feel changed mentally, I’m calmer than ever”

On the championship …

“He is very open, I don’t think about the championship, if we are calm we could have a very good ranking in Valencia. We depend on ourselves.”

Do I feel you changed after the victory, if not as a person, as a driver?

“The victory changed me but the victory was not an obsession. I am a very lucky boy, my dream was to have a family and I made a very nice family with my wife and children. Work is my passion, I go a lot of cycling, so my life is a dream. That’s why winning a race doesn’t change anything but I liked the feeling a lot, I know I can do it and then I’ll try to do it again. I’m very happy to have won in Argentina but that What makes me happier is that we have shown that we are competitive in the first 3 races. We have shown that we can also overtake Jorge’s Ducati on the straight and this gives me a lot of confidence. “

Do you feel more pressure now that you’ve won?

“No, I don’t feel any more pressure on the contrary, I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed. But I’ll try to win again.”

You are the first rider to win with Aprilia, what are your feelings?

“For me the most important thing is to have won with Aprilia. I am happy to have won the first pole, I feel a little like the father of this bike. We have developed this bike with Romano and the engineers and this one Aprilia is very competitive and it is the continuity with Aleix’s body and this gives me impressive pride. “

“Now that we are going strong I would like to race two more years”

D.Sunday you said that you also thought about quitting, then the arrival of Massimo Rivola changed everything. What has changed?

“The order. It has changed a lot. Since Massimo arrived, new engineers have arrived but we in Noale had many good things, 54 titles and the people who were there years ago are still there. Romano Albesiano had to do many things first, then instead he was able to concentrate on the development of the bike and made a competitive one. Before I had the feeling of always hitting the same wall. We won in Argentina because 2 years ago we made progress, last year we scored 130 points in the championship and this year a further step forward. And I have the feeling that Aprilia can do even better “

What do you expect for the race here in Texas?

“This is a difficult track, last year we had difficulties but I hope the new asphalt will give us a hand. I can’t wait to compete. It’s always nice to be able to improve, this year the bike is better and the frame is better so I think I will be better here in Austin, even more so since there is the new asphalt, which should give more grip.

Do you think you can take the championship home?

“I am very proud of what we have created with Aprilia, but there are many riders close by. I don’t think about the championship “

Jorge Martin he answered a question about Aleix and Aprilia’s Sunday evening party, which he attended, having a lot of fun. Here’s what Aleix said …

“I also had a lot of fun at the party, it’s important to take some time to celebrate and have fun. In the evening Jorge would surely have beaten me, also because he is younger!”

It is the 500th Dorna race, is there one that you remember in a special way?

“The one I remember best is one with Alex Criville who fell into a curve in Barcelona. I was a fan of his and I started crying, that’s where I understood my passion”

The goal is clear about the future …

“I would like to run another 2 years as we are now among the best!”


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