MotoGP 2022. GP of the Americas in Austin, Marc Marquez: “Passion is greater than suffering” – MotoGP

He is a fairly tried Marc, as is normal: “With so many accidents in two years, it is clear that at the beginning you are disheartened. The first week after Indonesia was tough, but then I found the desire: I’m here because this is my passion. I don’t think about winning ”

April 7, 2022

It’s a Marc Marquez definitely different from the usual: the feeling is that, this time, suffered even more than usual. Fortunately, however, for a few days, then she found some serenity and tranquility. But he is still a much more Marquez calm and peacefulat least apparently and at least on the eve.

In Mandalika it was very hard, but, fortunately, the accident had less serious consequences than the previous one. I wasn’t ready to race in Argentina, to take risks and that’s why we decided to skip the race. Then I started training again, I felt good, my vision was fine, I got back on the bike, I was able to ride a CBR600RR. I arrive here definitely not in the best of formbut ready for FP1 “.

T.Do you remember the crash in the warm up of the Indonesian GP?

“Not too much, the memories only related to the images I saw later. Surely that GP was one of the worst of my career, but fortunately I’m here, the crash is a thing of the past, it’s time to build a new confidence. In Indonesia we had many problems with the rear, which were exacerbated by mounting the new tire, the bike pushed a lot on the front. This is why I crashed twice in qualifying, but I didn’t expect the warm up one. We probably weren’t able to adapt the set up well, we have little experience with this bike “

Are you here to aim for victory or to regain some confidence?

“Nothing is impossible, but victory is definitely not in my thoughts. I come from a very difficult GP, I had to skip one, I’ve been training for a few days: my goal cannot be success, I really don’t feel like it “

And do you think about the championship? The ranking is very short …

“The championship is there, but I’m not looking at that”

Can a comparison be made with the first race in Qatar this year?

“Physically I feel a little better, but I have less confidence. So overall, I feel worse, I have to be more careful “

C.dare the doctors tell you, is there a risk that diplopia will recur?

“It is clear that having suffered the same type of injury in a few months, I asked the same question. They told me it was a consequence of the impact, but they also told me that this risk will always be there, tomorrow, like in two years, because the nerve can move after a blow. It’s my weakness, but I’m here because this is my passion: I want to run, without thinking about the consequences “

After Indonesia you seemed very psychologically, as well as physically, very tired.

“It is clear that you worry, even for everyday life. It happens to everyone like this: having seen in the Unlimited series how Martin reacted after the fall of Portimao? The first week it is normal that you are demoralized, but then already from the following week you think about running again. The diplopia occurred to me after the first flight, but I had perceived that the extent was less than the previous time, as the doctors later confirmed. I’m still here: the passion is greater than what I suffered “

C.Will you take a little approach?

“It is clear that after 2-3-4-5 accidents in just two years it is tough. Fortunately I was helped by the people around me, they pushed me to go back to training and I found my motivation: Now I’m here to run, without thinking too much about the consequences of a fall “

This is the first race they remember at the press conference. Marquez has no doubts.

“When Rossi and Lorenzo fought for the victory until the last corner. I don’t remember the year (2009, nDA), but I have all overtaking in mind “


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