MotoGP 2022. Spanish GP in Jerez, Marc Marquez: “I haven’t made a rescue like this for two years” [VIDEO] – MotoGP

At the last corner of lap 21 Marc was practically on the ground, but with an old-fashioned maneuver he remained in the saddle: “I did it because he was on the left and the… public gave me a hand. This is now my level, the title is played by Quartararo / Bagnaia ”

May 1, 2022

Jerez – The summary can be this: in flashes, it is always the usual Marc Marquez. Fast, tenacious, determined, a notch above the others in certain overtaking. But there is no consistency, it is a continuous alternation of positive and negative performances. This has said until now the 2022 season. The novelty of the Spanish GP is that Marc is back to make a rescue of his: at the last corner of lap 21, he was practically on the ground, but Marquez succeeded to stay in the saddle (VIDEO at the bottom of the article).

“I hadn’t been able to do it for two years such a rescue… I went wide because of my fault, according to the pictures I was bent at 65 °. Fortunately it happened on the left and the rest did… the Jerez crowd. She gave me the strength not to fall “

Marc, it’s very difficult to say what your level is: after Austin I thought you could win the title; after Portimao the sensations were very negative; yesterday you seemed in trouble; you had a great race today. Can you help us understand?

“It is also difficult for me to understand my level. Let’s say that after last year, I have learned to manage my approach to the weekend better, thinking more long term and not immediately. I try to be quieter on Friday and Saturday, to be more effective on Sunday. Let’s say that the feeling of Portimao, that I can’t win the title, is the most truthful one: the championship is played by Bagnaia and Quartararo. But I think we are closer now and there are important tests tomorrow. Here we tried to make a big change to the bike’s setup, but it didn’t work; the direction is clear, I have to work on my driving style. Right now I have to think about “surviving”: fourth is not an exciting result, but in these conditions it is satisfactory. The goal was to finish in the top five, I finished fourth so that’s okay. I believe that at this moment it is right to set achievable goals, even if it is not the position I would like. But now this is my level “

S.Have you been so much behind Miller, couldn’t you have tried to get over him first?

“When you are behind another rider it can happen that you lose tenths of a second under braking. I try to exploit my strengths, I could perhaps have been faster, but I would have had to take too many risks. I was looking for a place to overtake, but I couldn’t find it, I didn’t want to force a braking too much so as not to go wide and favor A.Espargaro. I tried at 6, an unusual point for me, then the intention was to defend the position, but I made a mistake at 13. I didn’t try to pass Miller first because I didn’t have the chance. Aleix was faster than us, but he too couldn’t find a way to pass “

D.Will you also try something from the 2021 bike tomorrow?

“No, it’s not possible, the bike is completely different, we need to understand how to improve the RC213V with what we have”

How much do you miss to be at the level of Bagnaia and Quartararo?

“12 seconds, the gap immediately here and in Portimao. My mentality is always the same, I do everything on my part and the bike doesn’t help at the moment. We both need to improve “


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