MotoGP 2022, Valentino Rossi already misses us … but he’s forever

Moto GP 2022 ready to go. On Sunday 3 April the new season of the fastest two-wheeled races in the world began with the victory of the Spaniard Espargarò on Aprilia who preceded his compatriots Martin and Rins in Argentina. But what was felt in this debut race was above all a great absence given that after an entire era The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, was no longer at the starting line.

An absence not only on the track

Some might argue that in recent years the centaur from the Marche was no longer able to be as competitive as in the years of victories against Gibernau. Victories that if they had been in the football field would have earned him an award in a city in his region like that Senigallia rewards Kevin Lasagna for his goal in the Cesarini area. But Valentino was also a fundamental presence for the media, for the entire MotoGP movement and not only in Italy. It will be really difficult, if not impossible, to fill his presence both for the victories and for his energy charge. But like everything, perhaps time will still be able to weaken the absence of him.

A new 4-wheel experience

Among the many proposals that Valentino Rossi has received in his incredible career, one was truly suggestive. Vale could have become a Formula 1 driver and not with a second-rate team but even with Ferrari. When this invitation was made to him, Rossi was at the height of his MotoGP career. ; on more than one occasion he has nevertheless participated in four-wheeled events and returned in 2022 to compete in an official competition, the GT World Challenge Europe, a championship reserved for covered wheels.

The debut in Imola was not the most fortunate given that the phenomenon of Tavullia ended the race in seventeenth position. A shame because after a poor start he had regained many positions but then a mistake in the pits made the change scheduled by regulation with the Belgian driver Frédéric Vervisch postpone by one lap. Valentino also got a fine for taking off his seat belt too early. Certainly errors due to inexperience in this new category. However, we are sure that at a distance Valentino Rossi’s class will also emerge in the unprecedented challenge that he has decided to try.

Valentino Rossi testimonial Gran Turismo 7 on Playstation

Four or two wheels, real or virtual, Valentino Rossi is the symbol of motor racing so much so that even Sony has decided to choose him as the testimonial of the seventh chapter of Gran Turismo, the exclusive Playstation series that puts us behind the wheel of many cars rebuilt in incredibly similar to reality. In the commercials, Vale with a playstation complete with steering wheel and pedal set dives into the action, while friends and friends comment on his performances in front of the TV. He may also have retired from MotoG, P but The Doctor still turns out to be a character of incredible fame and sympathy for young and old. In short, to paraphrase a well-known spot… Vale is forever!

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