MotoGP Austin, Marquez’s comeback like Bastianini’s

The returning Spaniard in Texas played a capital race: the times say that without the hitch at the start he could have fought for the victory with the Ducati team Gresini driver. However, both have proved their worth, with Marc who will be a threat to everyone in a world championship key

Massimo Falcioni

– Milan

The championship is long, the longest in its history with 21 rounds, and the MotoGP world championship will be decided in Europe. Meanwhile, after the first four rounds in Qatar, Indonesia, Argentina, America at the top of the summit (61 points) is the young lion Enea Bastianini triumphant in Losail and Austin on the superb Ducati of Team Gresini and Marc Marquez, 21, makes his way. points with only two troubled races and the comeback-show in the Texan round that speaks volumes about the intentions and physical and mental health of the eight-time world champion, hastily branded by some critics as finished because of the diplopia, considered finished .

it could be a challenge to two

Marquez’s Honda had a tantrum at the start due to an unspecified technical problem (clutch or electronics?) Forcing Cervera’s ace to a spectacular and technically superb competitive chase: last at the entrance of the first corner, eighteenth at the end of the first lap with a gap of almost 5 seconds from the first and at the end sixth at 6.617 seconds from the triumphant Bastianini and in the wake of the fifth Bagnaia, after having also won the difficult duel with Quartararo, whose Yamaha pays a strong gap in speed: 337 , 5 km / h against the 346.1 of the fastest Ducatis (Zarco, Bastianini and Bagnaia) and the 345 of Marquez’s Honda. With the “if” races and championships are not won, but without that technical problem at the start it is not difficult to think that the Austin race would have taken another turn, with a different podium. The fact remains that, considering his physical and psychological conditions (with the sword of Damocles which required him not to fall at all), the technical quarrel at the start and his Honda as a “tail car” rather than a locomotive, that of Marquez in Austin it should be counted as an “enterprise”, in the same way as the performance of the winner, Bastianini.

record laps

Marc did not follow the pre-race advice to limit himself to a soft run, just to regain his hand after the forced absence of the previous two rounds: instead he even drove with “violence” overtaking his opponents until he touched the top-5. A violence whose signs at the end of the stroke were visible on his face, tense and tried and, even more so, on the rear tire of his bike, eaten up. Returning to the technical data of the race, Marquez signed the second fastest lap (on the 13th lap in 2’03.553) at 32 cents from the absolute best time set in the 14th lap by Bastianini: 2’03.521. The other Hondas are in 13th, 14th, 15th place, practically one second behind Marc: 2’04.508 Pol Espargaro; 2’04.558 Alex Marquez; 2’04.559 Takaaki Nakagami. Lap times are even more significant. At the end of the first lap Marquez crossed the finish line 18th with a gap of 4’387 from the first, lapping in the scrum of the big group in 2’09.352, or 4.387 seconds slower than the Miller tread (2’04.965). In the HRC box there were even those who feared the return to the box of their standard bearer. The real comeback of Marquez starts from the third lap with times that suffer the effects of the difficulties of the various overtaking. On the sixth lap the first trip (2’04.019) which is the second fastest time on the track, then Marc repeats himself on the 7th lap (2’04.056) which is the first time on the track with an exploit on the 9th lap (2.03 .921, even half a second faster than the first three), insisting on lap 10 (2’04.386 against 2’04.398 of the leader Miller) and returning on lap 11 still under 2’04 (2’03.619 with Miller in head 2’03.897), the same on lap 12: 2’03.919 when everyone in the lead turns over 2’04 except Bastianini (2’03.845). So on lap 13 Marquez signs his record lap (2’03.553), at that moment the fastest lap of all, surpassed, as already written above, on lap 14 by Bastianini: 2’03.521. Marquez insists: on lap 14 (2’03.879 from seventh position), on lap 15 (2’03.854) returning to 0.4 on lap 16 (2’04.277), on lap 17 (2’04.311), on lap 18 Lap (2’04.358 when only Bastianini turns under 2’04), on lap 19 (2’04.476), on lap 20 (2’04.345).

a symphony

What to say? That Marc Marquez is back, relighting the fuses, regaining confidence in himself: a very talented champion, never tamed, the only one, and not only today, capable of “making Honda race”. In Austin, but this is not the first time this has happened, Marquez seemed to be fighting more with his Honda than with his rivals. This means that the House of the Golden Wing has to get busy, not being able to always and only rely on the prowess of its champion. Marc, however, is not a driver who defies fate with his head down: he is instead a champion capable of finding in himself the way out of the tunnel where bad luck had tried to close it. The comeback of the champion from Cervera in Austin, a masterpiece of handle and heart, was an exhilarating symphony and an unequivocal signal for everyone: from the next round on April 24, in Portugal, the championship restarts and from the following GPs in Spain, France, Mugello who wants to win this world-show will have to deal with Marquez.

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