MotoGP, Bradl replacing Marquez, but to what extent?

17 races disputed by Marquez from Jerez 2020 to Mandalika (a race he had to give up after the highside in the warm up, then the stop due to diplopia) against Bradl’s 16, one could be ironic about the ownership of the official Honda seat: who is the real owner? A somewhat provocative question, Marquez is not discussed, but awaiting his full recovery Bradl will continue to take his place: this weekend the new challenge in Argentina, race on Sunday at 20 live on Sky


With a bit of optimism and hoping for the best (so that the Argentine GP goes through), for Stefan Bradl, substitute now “owner” of Marc Marquezwould be the sixteenth grand prix from 2020 till today. That is to say since the Spaniard was injured in the famous Jerez accident and had to give up racing for the rest of the season. The German was called to replace the Catalan champion and ran twelve races: in the second stage of Misano he retired after the first free practice session due to a pain in his right arm, operated on shortly before the away match, but his attendance can still be marked on the scoreboard. in place of the number one of the Japanese team who will return to the race only in 2021, in the GP of Portugal.

Only one race less than Marquez

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Marquez at work: “The recovery continues”

In this long period of time Bradl also ran wild card a few timesas is normally required of a tester which in fact he is. But on balance Marquez has so far only raced one more race than his “replacement”. On the ownership of the official Honda seat it could be ironize: who is the real owner then? A somewhat provocative question, it must be admitted. There is no question about Marquez, he is the absolute reference of his team, but waiting for his full recovery the German will continue to take his place.

2011, Bradl champion in Moto2 ahead of Marquez


Not only Marquez: Nakagami also misses the Argentine GP

Same bike, same commitment, but with an infinitely lower remuneration. It’s a bit like twisting your finger in the sore, but that’s the way it is: Marquez is by far the highest paid rider in MotoGP (we are talking about 15 or maybe more million dollars a season) while a low-ranking rider gets to aa barely 3-400 thousand dollars a year. And Bradl may not even fit into this salary range. Is he unfair in comparison, knowing full well the value of Marquez, the titles won and the potential of him? Of course yes … but in the meantime you have to sit on that saddle Bradl which he has collected since his debut in MotoGP in 2012 only one podium, in 2013 in Laguna Seca. But… it is also fair to remember that the year before Stefan had first won the Moto 2 title. And in front of whom? To Marc Marquez.


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