MotoGP, Catalunya Grand Prix: free practice

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The ninth stage of the World Championship officially began with free practice on Friday. Moto3, MotoGp And Moto2 take to the track in the circuit of Catalunya Grand Prix, where Luis Salom lost his life exactly six years ago. Izan stands out among the youngest Guevarawho dominated both practice sessions this day, closely followed by Dennis Foggia, which after zero in Italy is called to a great recovery. In the premier class the two surprise Aprilia from Vinales and Aleix Espargarowhile the Yamahaespecially with Quartararo has a hard time staying among the best. In Moto2 leads the Aron group Canet on the Kalex, Vietti And Ogura remain trapped in the rear, while Pedro Acosta he hooks himself with arrogance to the train of the first.

MotoGP, free practice 1: Moto3, MotoGp, Moto2

On Montmel√≤ circuit the ninth round of the Circuswhich at 8:55 saw the boys of the category take to the track for free practice 1 Moto3. The weekend didn’t start in the best way for the leader of the standings, Sergio Garcia, who triumphed in the last stage at Mugello, barely lengthening the pace on his pursuers. The Spanish closed the first session in 7th position with a time of 1: 49.392just behind Andrea Migno. Who, on the other hand, is called to a ransom after a Italian Grand Prix particularly disappointing he managed to approach the weekend on clay well Iberian: Izan Guevara closed his trial in the lead with a 1: 48.675while Dennis Foggia he grabbed the 3rd place to two tenths by the pilot from Palma de Mallorca. Between the two there is an excellent Daniel Holgado. Jaume Masiawho did not look very bright in his exit, stopped behind the centaur Roman, with a delay of 3 tenths from the top.

Foggia and Migno

The premier class occupied the circuit following the third category at 9:50 am. On Friday of MotoGp it opened at a slow pace, as the track is very hot and the tires are put to the test. In the first morning session the Yamaha by Franco Morbidelli he occupied the first box most of the time, but then finish third, after 19 laps, with a time of 1: 40.695. In front of‘Italian-Brazilian they settled Maverick Vinales with her Apriliawhich launches an important first acute this season, one tenth behind Alex Rins with a best time of 1: 40.101. The leader of the world rankings, Fabio Quartararo remained hidden in the rear in 13th place, ahead of Pecco Bagnania, who made Ducati fans dream at Mugello, with a very special victory. The other claimants to the title, Aeneas Bastianini and Aleix Espargaroon the track with a special helmet dedicated to their daughter Mia, they finished 10th and 4th respectively at 9 and 6 tenths off Spanish ahead. In Barcelona there is no Marc Marquezforced to stop for a new surgery on his fractured arm in 2020: Stefan is still replacing him Bradla trusted man of the Honda.

The first free practice ends at 10:55 with the descent on the track of the last remaining class, that of the Moto2. Also in this situation the rhythms were not very high with the temperature that tends to rise again. Session without too many fireworks for the winner of theeighth stage race in Italy, Pedro Acosta: the emerging phenomenon of the MotoGP riding the KTM, had to settle for 8th place with a time of 1: 44.828. The performance of the two leaders of the standings, Celestino, was also inconspicuous Viettiwhich has closed 11th box onlyjust behind the other centaur at the top, Ai Ogura. Both drivers finished 18 laps, like Aron Canet who, unlike his rivals, completed an excellent free practice session, recording best time 1: 44.450. Good ideas also came from Augusto Fernandezranked behind the leader Spanish and from Sam Lowes4th to one tenth from the top, with a time of 1: 44.575.

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MotoGP, free practice 2: Moto3, MotoGp, Moto2

At 13:15 the operations of the Moto3took to the track for free practice 2, important in terms of qualifying direct access in Q2. Izan still in the lead Guevara, having taken the first place in the previous session, consolidating everything in the lunch hour. However, his time got worse lowering to 1: 48.979as well as that of his pursuers, Foggia, Masia And Garcia: none of the top five finishers in the morning managed to improve, thus crystallizing the combined ranking as well. The leader of the world championship finished the race again in sixth position. Andrea also lost ground Migno, who finished ninth, but by virtue of the previous 6th place, the combined sees him 7th. Compared to free 1, Diogo was absent in this second session Moreirathe centaur Brazilian he had to raise the white flag after trying this morning to run with a broken wrist.

Bagnaia (Ducati)
Bagnaia (Ducati)

As usual, by now, in free practice after the Moto3was staged there MotoGp, which offered a few more surprises than seen in the morning session. Despite the shorter times, Rins And Morbidelli they collapsed in the standings, respectively to 8th and 10th place in the combined of the two rounds. On the other hand, the one who made a big leap forward is Aeneas Bastianini: the Beast from 1:41,031 in the morning flew to 1:39,890 in the afternoon, catching the third box behind Vinalesconfirmed very fast and Aliex Espargaro improved significantly. Behind the Rimini Pecco settled Bagnaniawho climbed the ranking by ten steps placing a 1: 39.950 on the clock, 4 tenths from the leader Iberian. Still opaque the test of Fabio Quartararo’s Yamaha what a hard time finding the feeling right with the Barcelona track, he improves his time and position by entering Top10but it still is very far from the best.

To close on the first day of Catalunya Grand Prix and the Moto2, on the track at 15:10. Compared to what we saw in the first round, there were no major upheavals: it is always there to command Kalex from Canetfirst in the combined standings, second in the afternoon practice session, behind an incredible Joe Roberts that from the 12th square he climbed up to the 8th with a super chrono of 1: 44.752. Still far behind Ogura which did not go beyond 10th place, 13th and 17th for Vietti and Tony Arbolino. In the combined Pedro loses one position Acosta, which finishes 9th with a 1: 44.937, higher time than in the morning. Constant the two performances of Augustus Fernandez and Sam Lowes which confirm the excellent performance of the first session.

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