MotoGP, compact Ducati: “unfair to ban the lowering device”

During the Indonesian Grand Prix, a communication arrived regarding the front lowering unit, the latest from Ducati. An update that was not liked by the other manufacturers, who have moved together in this direction, up to the prohibition starting from 2023. On Thursday MotoGP at Termas de Río Hondo there was also time to comment on this procedure with some guys in red. But perhaps the comment of a former Ducatista is more surprising.

“Then we will have to exploit it this year!”

Clearly the top drivers of Borgo Panigale are not particularly happy with this news. Jack Miller in particular he did not hide his opposition. “The ban is unfair, Ducati has spent a lot of time and money developing this system” he pointed out. “Taking away resources for other areas of the bike. Ducati is not as big a company as others. In general it doesn’t seem fair to be able to choose which rules you want and which you don’t want. The front ride height device can still be used at the start, it doesn’t seem like a sensible decision. Just as I don’t think it makes sense to tell a team what it can or cannot use. At the moment we have it, it depends on us when to use it or not. “

The Pramac duo is more diplomatic, with Johann Zarco that in part jokes about it. “Then we will have to use it well this year to take advantage of it!” Then emphasizing that “When Ducati brought it, it was interesting and later the other manufacturers also introduced it. Maybe they banned it to limit that kind of development, but I don’t think something like that makes the bike any more dangerous. A pity for Ducati, but we will adapt and in the meantime we will see to exploit it this year. “ Jorge MartínMotoGP rising star, emphasizes one aspect in particular. “We have been working on it for a long time to develop it and from next year we won’t have it anymore. I’m not even using it at the moment, but the point is, we’ve wasted a lot of time. “

Andrea Dovizioso

The comment of a rider for a long time in action with Ducati colors may surprise, but perhaps up to a certain point. But ‘Dovi’ thus explains his point of view regarding the novelty of the red. A device he never liked from the start. “There are two speeches to make: if something is done following the regulation, then it fits. If I look at it as a pilot, it is better not to. “ Then going into detail. “You get used to it, we are all using it, but all the movements to be made while driving should be carefully evaluated. It gets a bit on the edge: you have to control the bike with your hands while making certain movements with your fingers. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t use it. “ Also remembering that “As soon as it came out I was the first to use it in the race, when I was with Ducati. I was certainly not relaxed, it took me a long time. Of course then if you set it up and see that there is an advantage, then you use it. But I am referring to the rear lowering unit, only they have the front one. “

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