MotoGp, Enea Bastianini is a mythological being

For Carlo Pernat “Enea is a mixture of Iannone, Dovizioso, Rossi and Capirossi”. Interview with Bastianini and Pernat: “For us the bike is fun. But we have a World dream “

Toh, look at the duo wandering around the paddock: a Genoese one, “belìn che goduria”, dark glasses, ready joke; the other from Rimini, a Beast physicist, few words but speed to sell. Carlo Pernat And Enea Bastianini, the manager and (his) champion. The strange couple. “We are happy, we are a little bit the same and a little bit not. Enea considers the motorbike as fun, too. Here, in that we are just the same. On the other hand, we give a shit about everything else ”. Strange couple, yes. But with only one shared goal: to have fun. Winning is only a lucid, conscious, lustful consequence. Other than will or representation. The bike is a matter of happy instinct. Or of crasis. “Enea is a clean driver who manages to keep the tire good even in the last five or six laps. Among those I have had on hand in my career as a manager I see him similar to Valentino in driving, while his character reminds me more of a Capirossi. He drives like a bad guy, but with a good character. However”. But what? “Now that I think about it, Enea is more of a mix between Iannone and Dovizioso. You put them together and you will come up with an Iannodovi, a mythological being who, however, is called Bastianini ”.

The champion doesn’t say, he smiles. And that’s enough, because Bastianini’s beauty is all there: in his character. “I have never been cold, I am one with a hard head, very hard, when I stop at one thing it is difficult to change my mind. Like: the set-up, this one, that other one… That’s how I am ”. In Argentina, next stop of the weekend in MotoGp, will go in search of the perfect race. Whatever it means for someone who has already conquered a first place (in Qatar, on his debut) on his brand new bike by Gresini. “For me”, says Enea, “it was important to bring home a race, but I didn’t think I could do it so soon. We were all a little surprised. It was an incredible, crazy day. For Fausto, who is no longer there. For Nadia, who I have known for many years and was very good at taking everything in hand. And of course it was a happy day for me too ”. At 24 Bastianini is still on the launch pad. He doesn’t want the moon, maybe it wouldn’t even be enough for him. “This year I’d like to aim for the top five. For us in the team it would be a very good result. But I still have to grow and mature. And fail, of course, to learn even more. Argentina is a track that I like, I’ll give it my all, I’m really happy to be back. And anyway, remember, anything can happen in MotoGP “.

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Carlo bursts in, always behind those dark dark lenses. From which he sees everything, he hears everything, understands everything. So much so that in his career he has managed everyone: Rossi, Capirossi, Biaggi, Locatelli, Iannone. The last on the list is Bastianini. Which, he says, “is a porcini mushroom: one of the good and precious ones you meet by chance and you can’t just leave it there”. More. “You Aeneas look at him and say: but he goes, he is not a pilot. He is polite, kind. He is not a sborone. When he won in Qatar, did you see him take a big fat? Not at all. He is very thoughtful, I’ve never seen him pissed off once. Then when he pulls the visor down it’s another thing. Enea enjoys riding a motorbike “. High enjoyment. Which Bastianini can tell only in this way: “It’s hard to explain speed. It’s a thrill. One thing that brings out the best in me. When I’m happy, but also when I’m sad, the first thing I think about is the bikes. Speed ​​comes to mind and it’s beautiful ”.

The strange couple formed one day, by chance. Pernat’s version: “One day Enea and her father come to me and ask me if I can become the manager. Belìn, I say, are you kidding? I would have said yes the day before. But in that moment I made the donkey, I pulled it a little: “I’ll tell you in a few days”. But inside I was thinking: “Carlo, are you kidding? Ba-stia-ni-ni. I wanted carte blanche “. Enea’s version: “Carletto is Carletto. We met in 2017, in a restaurant, during an interview. They asked me: “Would you like him as a manager?”. I said yes, too. So it went “. And they all lived happily ever after. They call once a day, every two at the most. And in the trips outside Europe (after duty in the paddock) between the two, fooling around becomes art. See Instagram in the days of the GP in Indonesia: along with drinking a coconut. “Carletto taught me to be calmer, to open up, to be less nervous. I was a little closed. Now everything is simpler in the box. I taught him to be less impulsive. He would do everything. “Calm down Carletto, let’s evaluate a moment”, I say “.

And you Carlo? “Technically I haven’t taught Aeneas anything: I don’t understand anything. But I explained to him how to keep relationships, interviews, approaches. And I explained to him that certain things have to be done even if you don’t want to. But the secret with Aeneas is not to want to convince him: he knows how to be reflective, he is intelligent and he gets to things by himself. He thinks about it. Even though he sometimes lives on Mars. But what does it matter? “. Mars is calling Rimini, can you hear us? Surviving a year in the Estrella Galicia team (2017, Moto3), relaunched by Team Leopard (Moto3), which blossomed with Italtrans (with whom he becomes world champion in Moto2 in 2020), Bastianini is in second world championship in MotoGP. “Last year, with Avintia, I made trivial mistakes. It was the first season, there is. The second is to do something more. The third will be that of truth ”. Maybe.

For now, after the move to Team Gresini, he has started in a great way. In this World Championship without Valentino, and with some Italians struggling, the real spark was ignited by him. “Without Valentino it is strange”, the Rimini rider continues, “we miss him, with time it may become normal, but for the moment it is strange. He doesn’t look like the same paddock. I see the World Cup balanced, fast. The end of the season will be difficult, many of us will be there to fight. We must fear everyone, without being afraid of anyone. We’ll see”.

We will see, yes. Even though, Pernat wisely suggests, “the dream of winning the World Championship is there, it is a normal thing that all the riders have inside. Aeneas is no different. Even if, unlike others, he agreed to do the entire route, one step at a time, stage by stage ”. The next one, in South America, will only carry on the path of Aeneas a little bit more. The rest is all ready. Carlo grins from behind his dark glasses: “We have superstition. Oh, look, nobody knows this. I taught Enea a bit of Genoese and so before each competition we meet, we give each other a fist and I say to him: “Menin belìno”, in Genoese ”. Cheee? “But yes,” menin belìno “, which means come on, oh, let’s get it on, come on. And then he replied: “I’ll bring two”, also in Genoese. Whataa? “But yes, it means I put my soul into it twice”. Always without forgetting the fun. “Because, I assure you, I am of a certain age now, the drivers who win are always the ones who smile”.

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