MotoGP France Quartararo at Le Mans and Ducati tire pressure

For the first time at the French GP, a Frenchman presents himself as a MotoGP World Champion. And after the success in Portimao and 2nd place in Jerez he hopes to be the first to win at Le Mans

Mario Salvini


Bienvenue, Fabio. Welcome home. In 73 years of MotoGP, no Frenchman had ever appeared in the French GP as a world champion, let alone as a MotoGP champion. Fabio Quartaro is the first. So without having seen him on the track yet, we know this will be a historic moment for him. “And I also believe that no Frenchman has ever won here,” he said, proving he had studied. To better enjoy the three days of glory. To give the right value to the possible triumph, as he already managed two races ago in Portugal. And at the bottom of the podium he went down there, last year, when he was third.

A lot of anticipation for the motogp

To be precise, a French success in the first class at Le Mans, the 500, took place in the mists of time, when no one had ever thought of a world championship. It was the first edition of the local GP, in 1920, and the winner was Georges Jolly. Then never again anything. Two French victories in France, in the 500, but neither on the Sarthe: in 1954 Pierre Monneret in Reims, in 1958 Jacques Collot in Pau. So for Fabio the atmosphere and the hope are a lot from here and now. “It’s really special,” he says. “In the last two years there were no fans”. Last year he was a bit deluded by pole, and in any case, as mentioned, in the end he climbed to the podium, third, behind his compatriot Johann Zarco, second, and the winner Jack Miller. “But now everything is different – he continues – because I am a reigning champion”. And first of the class, leaders in the ranking. “But I don’t feel a particular pressure from the fans, who are also many. Rather I will try to transform all this waiting into office ”.

on the pitch with PSG

A charge that all of France has been playing for him for days. Yesterday, before arriving at Le Mans, Fabio went with his Yamaha to the Parco dei Principi. And there he took the field with his beloved PSG. He dribbled with Keylor Navas, Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi, Kylian Mbappé and Gigi Donnarumma. “I arrived in the stadium by motorbike. I played with PSG, and it was a wonderful experience to live. Then, as I said, he will try to experience it as a normal race. Unfortunately, unlike what happens to them, the home crowd does not feel it. It’s a kind of help that we motorcyclists don’t have, or have to a much lesser extent ”. On the race Fabio says that “it is difficult to make predictions”, as all the GPs raced up to now suggest. that of Jerez. I can say that in Portugal and Indonesia we have made good progress “. And therefore the hope of making history by wrapping himself in his tricolor of France is all there.


And on the big issue of the moment, that of tire pressure, which would have been uneven on Bagnaia’s Ducati at Jerez, Fabio said: “It depends on whether you are in front or behind, so it happened to me in Portugal, where I had a lower pressure. throughout the race. It will be difficult if they establish a regulation, if you start with high blood pressure you risk going badly for the whole race. Especially with the front. We have to look for solutions with Michelin “.

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