MotoGP, Marini: “In one night the mechanics will have to do the work of two days”

Termas de Rio Hondo promises to be a weekend to say the least concentrated for MotoGP, given that it will only take to the track between Saturday and Sunday. THE riders are trampling to get on their bikes, even if some of them have not yet arrived at their destination. Like the Ducatis of the Mooney VR46 team, or those of Marco Bezzecchi and Luca Marini.

Marini spoke on the subject and expressed clear and transparent words.

“It is a really difficult situation – commented Luca – M.I am referring above all to the mechanics, who in one night will have to do the work of two days. Usually the mechanics start to set up the pits and prepare all the material starting from Tuesday, today is Thursday and nothing has arrived yet ”.

The concern on the face of the Mooney standard bearer is evident.

“For the mechanics it will be very hard and we will do everything to put ourselves at their service, helping them if needed. I am convinced that our mechanics will do a great job, given that their level is very high “.

In addition to the work in the garage, the focus then shifts to the drivers.

“This weekend will not be easy to manage even for us riders, as we will have very little time to understand the track and try to be fast right away to aim for Q2. We will therefore have to give our best and optimize every available moment. As mentioned, it will be tough and FP2 will become a sort of early qualification “.

At this point, all that remains is to cross your fingers.

“As I said, we have nothing. My suit, just to give an example, will be moldy as soon as it gets here, since it is in the crates from the Mandalika race where it was raining. We will also have to fix our office as soon as possible, considering that then we will also have to go to sleep to be ready on Saturday morning. But let’s hope all the material arrives “.

Marco Bezzecchi: “we have nothing, it will be a complicated weekend”

Marco Bezzecchi will speak at Mooney VR46.

“For me it will be more complicated than a traditional race weekend – he explained – aIn the end, however, this is the situation for everyone and there is little to be done. I like the track and layout, so I hope to be fast. In the end the bike is the same as always and I don’t think it will be a disadvantage. From a physical point of view, however, it will certainly be more difficult because we will have a compressed Saturday, but this is the situation. We hope that everything will be ready for Saturday ”.

For him, as well as for his partner, these are days of waiting.

“We and the Gresini team lack everything, we have nothing, absolutely nothing”.

Apart from the material, the obstacles are not over here.

“Termas is not Misano or Mugello, where there are private test days all year round. I got to see the track and the asphalt didn’t seem too dirty, even if it’s not too clean either.. We will discover the truth only on Saturday morning ”.

In all this it is also necessary to kill boredom.

“Yesterday we were in the hotel, then we came here on the track for a lap and I also saw two owls“.

Finally, there is also time for a quick assessment.

“In Qatar I made a mistake of inexperience and ended up on the ground, while in Mandalika I struggled in the race due to a problem that affected me. It was my first time in the wet, it was tough, as the limit is very different from Moto2. We therefore hope to have a nice weekend here in Argentina, also because I am happy with the relationship with the team and the work done ”.


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