MotoGP, Marquez is the ‘dragon’ in Austin and Fyrstan from Dozza now protects him

Yesterday on ‘his’ iconic Austin track Marc Marquez drove an incredible raceclimbing from the last to the 6th position. It was a real dragon, but today we also know why… last week ‘Magic’, following an invitation from the town of Dozza, sent one of his heirlooms.

The treasure chest of the dragon Fyrstan, which has rested for some time in the keep of the Rocca di Dozza, now has an extra heirloom. In fact, in the medieval village of painted walls, a very special package has arrived from Spain and addressed directly to the attention of the legendary mythological creature. The sender’s name? It seems incredible. The eight-time world champion in motorcycling Marc Marquez.

All open-mouthed at the opening of the letter. An original cap of the Iberian phenomenon, characterized by the unmistakable number 93, signed especially for Fyrstan. “A few weeks ago, through his management, we invited Marquez for an exclusive visit to the village on the occasion of one of the next Italian stages of the world championship – says the mayor Luca Albertazzi -. Immediate and truly courteous response from his staff who, after thanking us, did not rule out a future visit of the pilot in the Dozzo area “. Then the unexpected gift. “An official gadget from Marquez all for Fyrstan – continues the mayor -. The strength and positive energy of the dragon have been known since the dawn of time. A creature that has inspired writers, novelists, artists and men of culture“. And now the great sportsmen too. “Many of them had their skins dyed in ink with extraordinary permanent depictions featuring dragons – underlines Albertazzi -. A rather recurring symbolism but certainly evocative in terms of power, courage and audacity. Virtues that count a lot in competitive activity. We thank Marquez and his management for the gift. We await him with open arms in Dozza ”.

The precious relic has already been placed in the treasure chest jealously guarded by Fyrstan in the keep of the Rocca di Dozza. Another jewel that will contribute to the creation of a real ‘Hall of Fame’ of the dragon already the subject of welcome visits and gifts from several famous people with a lot of family in tow. “We extend the invitation to visit Dozza and its priceless artistic, historical and cultural heritage to everyone, celebrity or not – concludes Albertazzi -. For VIPs interested in donating something to Fyrstan, eager to attract the flows of positive energy that the creature reserves for sportsmen, artists and musicians, we ask that they contact the town hall directly “. The creature’s rest, which will be interrupted on the next 17 and 18 September according to an ironic two-year ritual lasting only two days, can be visited all year round during the normal opening hours of the Rocca di Dozza museum.

A masterpiece of considerable size, almost 4 meters high and 9 meters long, born from the genius, inspiration and passion of the artist Ivan Cavini in collaboration with the Sossai Studio of San Lazzaro di Savena. A work capable of attracting 5 thousand people to the village on the occasion of the previous 2020 awakening and included in the ‘FantastikA’ event, one of the most important events of the national and international fantasy scene. Adults and children united in waiting to be able to admire for a few seconds Fyrstan’s wide open eyes and the pulsating egg kept under his enormous wings. Not only. Dozza is also known throughout the world for being the seat of the Tolkienian Studies Center ‘La Tana del Drago’, a reference point for fans of the genre set right at the entrance to the ancient walls that surround the historic center of the town.

Photo courtesy: Simonetta Ragazzini


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