MotoGP, Marquez: “Without the problem at the start I would have been on the podium for sure”

I don’t like to say that without the problem at the start I could have won, but I had the pace to try. Certainly to be on the podium“. Marquez knows that this time in Austin the luck has turned his back, but on the other hand he managed to bring at the end a convincing race, in which he was the protagonist of an exciting comeback. All in all, that’s exactly what he needed to regain confidence.

We had a technical problem, Honda is investigating what happened even if they more or less already know it – has explained – When I got to the starting line I saw a warning on the dashboard, I tried to leave but the bike did not push, like there was a speed limiter for the pit lane. After the first corner, when I deactivated the front lowering, the bike started to work well again, even if not perfectly “.

Too bad he was in last position at that point.

From then on, a new race started, a sprint race for me – he said – I told myself to give it all, I did it and when there were 5 or 6 laps left my body said enough and I just tried to finish the race. It is not the result I expected but, if I look at where I was at the first corner and where at the end, I can say that I have regained a lot of confidence and that was my goal. I tried not to fall, because the doctors told me it was all right but I was scared after the recent accident. I rode well and that’s the most important thing ”.

There is no disappointment in Marc’s mind.

I am satisfied, I was already satisfied to be here and the same to have finished the 6th race – he assured – It is true that it seems that when you are in a bad moment, everything happens to you, I have never had technical problems and today I do. However, I want to thank the team because they helped me so much and gave me the confidence I needed“.

The important thing for him was to get the bad thoughts out of his head.

Today I was relaxed, already in the Warm Up, while yesterday in qualifying I had some doubts – has continued – I felt good, I had confidence, I know I was in the best circuit to get it back, that’s why I pushed to race here. Now I’ll have to understand what my level will be in Europe, I don’t think I’ll be able to fight for victory in every race, but here I understood what the bike’s weak points are and I told Honda where to work to be competitive. Pol drove well on some tracks, Nakagami on others, but there are areas we need to improve“.

Marquez is already thinking about the next step.

Today I overtook under braking, the bike is doing very well at that point, but making it turn and understanding the front tire is more complicated – he observed – It’s the opposite of what I was riding last year, I used a completely different setup. Yesterday I tried some things that made me say that we are on the right path and the other riders like them too “.

Marc seems to be well on his way to getting back to his usual levels as well.

I came here to compete, I already said that on Thursday – has explained – In the paddock or in the garage you can think of many things, but when you are on the bike you forget about risks. I tried to control myself, when I found myself last I didn’t set any goals, I reassembled step by step. I also made a mistake in the first corner, but I remained calm. On the last lap I felt tired, Bagnaia was close, but I wouldn’t have gained anything by finishing 5th instead of 6th, it was enough. I took risks anyway, I pushed, and it wasn’t easy“.

What will happen now?

In this championship you can’t predict what will happen in a GP, you don’t know. Over the weekend you have to accept the position you are in. For sure I will push, I will take risks, the goal is to always fight for the podium, but this is not the time to succeed.i ”he commented.


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