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On the official MotoGP website, Fausto Gresini’s widow tells her story as a woman, wife, mother. You are the first Team Owner and Team Principal to win two MotoGP races! And the affection that surrounded Fausto about her is poured out on her

April 11, 2022

No.adia Padovani made his entry into the MotoGP world championship after a tremendous high-sidewrites the site Ldisappearance of her husband Fausto Gresini. Finding herself with her four children to grow up and the future of the company to be defined, she was at a crossroads: abandoning Gresini Racing risking to leave the people who are part of one of the most important teams in the paddock without work, or exorcise the whole ache continuing the team game he had started many years earlier with Fausto.

“It was hard to take over the company – says Nadia – we were all destroyed. But I never thought of giving up, not even in difficult moments: the push of has always been stronger honor Fausto than to leave everything behind “.

By entering the company, Nadia he wanted to get to know every single person involved in the Gresini Racing relying on their experience to learn the dynamics that would allow her to become as soon as possible a Team Principal capable of making room for the highest sporting levels. AND’ it was a great team effort, as it always had been with Fausto.

“When we got engaged I was twenty and studying nursing, he was twenty-six, he was already a professional pilot and we motivated each other. At that time I studied hard to get high marks and he gave his all to win as many races as possible “.

The debut in the 2022 world championship as an independent team, after the experience with Aprilia, coincided with the first victory of Enea Bastianini, and so Nadia became the first woman manager of a team capable of collecting a triumph in the highest category.

“That first win was a whirlwind of emotions. There was everything in those tears – says Nadia – and receiving the compliments of other team owners was exciting and an immense pleasure. And now the second has already arrived… “.

“I’m a normal woman”

LThe pandemic has upset everyone’s lives and Nadia has met other people who, like her, have lost those they loved due to Covid-19.

“I have met women who have experienced a similar situation to mine and I found my despair reflected in their eyes, this pain has united us and we keep in touch. When they tell me that they found it wonderful to see me react like this and that they feel proud of me it’s fantastic, because they give me the strength to go on ”.

Already in the early 2000s Nadia had left her job as a nurse to devote herself completely to raising children and it was also thank you and for them if you have chosen to go back to work.

“I try to convey to my children the will to live, even in the face of such great pain you have to react and I do everything to be a strong mother and make them proud of me. But I’m not used to giving interviews and when I am described as ‘great woman, strong woman’ … I feel like a normal womanit all came very naturally to me and perhaps other women, faced with such an important loss, also find this strength ”.

Committed to carry out contracts with manufacturers and sponsors, Nadia has embraced a new way of living. With her children Lorenzo and Luca she shares the trips, her daughters Agnese and Alice are the greatest supporters from her home.

“Every time I leave it’s hard to leave my daughters but then I look at them and they give me so much strength and courage, they motivate me to do my best to be a reference for them. What my husband did gives me great strength“.

The style of Elisabetta Franchi

Ulittle known detail. Nadia Padovani he wanted to combine two worlds often considered distant, motorcycling and femininity by meeting Elisabetta Franchi, the well-known Bolognese stylist.

“I have always liked Elisabetta Franchi’s style and I have always admired her very much. So when I joined the company I thought it would be nice to collaborate with her because I wanted ours grid-girls were refined and elegant. When I met Elisabetta it was as if we had always known each other: she too experienced a terrible tragedy but despite this she reacted, making her brand grow and also experiencing moments of profound satisfaction “.

There is a constant in Nadia’s life, the piece concludes: take care of others. First she did it with her patients, then with her children and now Gresini Racing, a commitment through which she nourishes the future of women who, thanks also to her, have one more reason to remember that giving up is a possibility. but also reacting.


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