MotoGP, Nakagami from Covid in 1st time at Termas in FP1: Quartararo 2nd, Bezzecchi 5th

18:44 – Our LIVE chronicle of the FP1 MotoGP in Argentina ends here, thank you for following it with us. Appointment at 20:40 for the live broadcast of FP2. Stay Tuned!

18:39 – Taka Nakagami is the hero of the first free practice session at Termas in Rio Hondo. The Japanese seemed destined not to participate in the Argentine MotoGP weekend, after testing positive at Covid. Instead Taka is there and is also ahead of everyone, with Fabio Quartararo immediately behind him and Pol Espargarò completing Honda’s excellent day with the third fastest time.

Excellent Aprilia with Aleix Espargarò in 4th position in front of a real surprise, namely the Ducati of Marco Bezzecchi who closes this first free practice session in 5th position on an unknown track with MotoGP. Rins places the first Suzuki in 6th position ahead of Miguel Oliveira and Maverick Vinales, very concrete throughout FP1.

Brad Binder and Mir close the top ten and the list of finishers in Q2, while the first of the excluded is Enea Bastianini, 11th ahead of Bagnaia. Ducati’s day didn’t start off on the right foot in Argentina. Franco Morbidelli is also quite far away, only 18th at the end of the session.

18:35 – Bastianini fails to improve and ends 11th. After FP1, this is the ranking.

18:34 – Checkered flag on the session, Bastianini is scoring red helmets in the first two sectors!

18:33 – Grande Bezzecchi, who takes the second time! After a while Pol Espargarò arrives and undermines him. But it is Nakagami who surprises by placing his Honda in front of everyone!

18:32 – Bezzecchi gets even better, now 6th! Aleix Espargarò pushes and climbs to 4th position behind a magnificent Oliveira. Rain of red helmets, the last few minutes really on fire in Termas!

18:31 – Binder improves again and climbs to 4th position. Meanwhile Quartararo lowers the limit again! There are currently 14 riders in a second, great balance on the track. Great Bezzecchi, who takes 7th place, best Ducati rider in the standings!

18:29 – Quartararo snatches the best time from Nakagami. Binder climbs to 5th place, Oliveira is 11th. KTM will also be in the game here.

18:28 – Last minutes of fire in this FP1. Zarco takes the 5th time, Quartararo pushes to attack Nakagami’s leadership.

18:27 – The ranking changes quickly, with Nakagami mounting a new soft one and taking the best time. Mir 3rd, Bagnaia climbs to 5th place ahead of Zarco. The two Ducati riders are paired and now they score red helmets in the first two sectors.

18:26 – Zarco improves and takes the 5th time and is continuing to push in the second time attack attempt. Mir is also improving.

18:25 – There are ten minutes left for the checkered flag of this FP1, here is the classification with Aleix Espargarò always the leader.

18:23 – Suzuki again at the top in this session, confirming that the GSX-RR has made some steps forward compared to 2021. Rins is 2nd and Mir 6th in this phase.

18:22 – Zarco manages to move up the rankings and takes the 8th time, best Ducati rider. Bagnaia behind him, Miller 11th.

18:21 – Small mistake for Pol Espargarò, who, however, keeps his Honda under control after a violent loss of grip on the rear tire.

18:19 – Zarco wants to deny us, and sets the best time in the first sector. The Frenchman, however, gave up the attempt to make a fast lap later. Suffers Stefan Bradl, back on the saddle of Marc Marquez’s orphaned Honda. The German is now 22nd ahead of Di Giannantonio and Binder.

18:18 – Improve Oliveira, who is now 8th behind Bagnaia. Zarco is struggling, who is now 14th ahead of his teammate Martìn. In general, the Ducatis just don’t seem in great shape. Michelin’s Taramasso speaks of a very dirty track, which does not allow the riders to push too hard at the moment.

18:16 – Good time for Alex Rins, who marks the 3rd time behind Quartararo. Fabio Quartararo is the most active driver on the track, who has put together 20 laps so far.

18:15 – Twenty minutes to the checkered flag of this FP1, this is the classification with Aprilia on the shields.

18:13 – Bagnaia climbs up the rankings and is in sixth position. Also improves Oliveira, now 8th. Bastianini starts to fuel and is now 13th.

18:11 – Still far away Enea Bastianini. The world leader is now 21st at 1m2 seconds from Espargarò’s time. In the meantime, Aleix improves again and pushes the limit to 1’39’509, with an advantage of almost half a second over his brother Pol.

18:10 – Aleix files another tenth to his reference, confirming the excellent feeling between Aprilia and the Termas di Rio Hondo track. Vinales 4th now. Aleix scores another red helmet in the first sector, the Spaniard is mad!

18:09 – Darryn Binder remains last, but he manages to close the gap compared to the best, bringing him to an altitude of 2 seconds. Meanwhile, Aleix Espargarò is further improved.

18:07 – Vinales improves, but Pol Espargarò enters second position, obviously the best Honda rider in the standings.

18:07 – Aleix Espargarò takes the best time. Two Aprilia in the virtual front row! Quartararo prepares the response to the drivers from Noale.

18:06 – Vinales climbs to second place, while Aleix Espargarò scores red helmets in the middle sectors. Great moment for Aprilia.

18:05 – We are at half an hour, which is halfway through this session. Here is the ranking with Quartararo remaining the leader.

18:04 – Alex Rins also showed up in front, now 3rd ahead of Brad Binder. Steps forward for Luca Marini in the meantime, who is now 11th behind Bagnaia.

18:02 – Very good Franco Morbidelli, who approaches the top by scoring the 4th time three tenths behind his teammate Quartararo. Then Pol Espargarò enters, who overtakes Morbidelli, now 5th. Tail light Darryn Binder, currently 2’9 seconds from the best references.

18:02 – Miller takes little to make up and snatches the second time trial behind Quartararo. Great leap forward for the Australian from Ducati.

18:00 – The best time has been canceled from Miller, who falls to 22nd position. Well Vinales, who climbs to 4th place behind Mir. The Spaniard from Aprilia is getting better and better at the RS-GP, we hope to soon find him among the absolute protagonists in the race as well.

17:58 – Ducati does not seem brilliant, which in this phase has only Bagnaia in the top ten with seventh position, while his teammate Miller is 11th behind Alex Marquez. In the middle of the group Pol Espargarò, who in this GP has Stefan Bradl at his side, now 19th.

17:56 – Bastianini is taking measurements at an unprecedented track, and at the moment he is 16th at 1m3 seconds behind Quartararo, who has responded to Binder in the meantime and is the first rider to go below the 1m40 wall.

17:54 – 20 minutes have passed in this FP1, here is the situation with Brad Binder who has regained the top of the standings

17:53 – Bagnaia begins to push, who approaches the top scoring the 4th time, while Quartararo takes back the leadership of the standings. As expected, the Yamaha is by no means dead! The M1 remains a super-competitive bike despite the gap in horsepower from rivals. Morbidelli is now 6th ahead of Aleix Espargarò.

17:51 – Andrea Dovizioso is also very far away, currently 22nd at over two seconds. Dovi’s adventure in Yamaha has not yet gotten into gear.

17:49 – Nakagami still on top, very far Di Giannantonio. A rookie on this track, he is currently over 3.5 seconds behind the best. Bezzecchi is going much better, now 12th ahead of Marini.

17:48 – Quartararo takes the first position, but the limit has to be refined a lot. For reference, the race pace here should be around the 1’39’5 pace, so there’s still a lot of room left.

17:46 – Brad Binder responds to Rins and takes the best time by lapping in 1’40’590. Times are getting lower lap after lap.

17:43 – After the first ten minutes of the session, this is the ranking. Rins places his Suzuki in front of everyone

17:42 – Aleix Espargarò is the first to go and touch the wall of 1’41. Behind him Fabio Quartararo.

17:40 – Even on the third pass Nakagami remains in front of everyone, with Martìn and Binder following him closely. Well Aprilia, with Vinales 5th.

17:39 – First references and it is Nakagami who immediately places himself in front of everyone. Obviously the riders are getting to grips with a track they haven’t raced on for two years, while there are many riders who have never raced here. From Bastianini to Martìn, passing through all the rookies of this season.

17:35 – Green light, the session starts with Martìn immediately on the track

17:34 – Nakagami was also on the track, who had tested positive at Covid earlier this week. A second negative buffer allowed him to leave for Argentina and be here.

17:31 – Among the teams most penalized by the delay of the cargo, there is Gresini Racing, last to receive all the material, including the bikes of Bastianini and Di Giannantonio. An extra job that has undoubtedly put the mechanics of the Faenza team to a severe test, engaged in a real fight against time to allow the riders to be at the start of the first session today.

17:30 – The sun is shining on the Argentine track, all ready for the green light in the pitlane

17:25 – Welcome to our LIVE chronicle of the FP1 MotoGP in Argentina, on the Termas di Rio Hondo track. The action on the track finally begins after the problems of the last few days!

The weekend of Argentine tango for MotoGP has started, after tonight the much desired cargo arriving from Mombasa landed in Tucuman, an airport just over a kilometer from the Termas di Rio Hondo track. And it will be a different weekend than usual, with the activity on the track concentrated on two days, after having lost the entire Friday.

Only two free practice sessions today, valid for gaining access to Q2, with qualifying to be held tonight. A very dense program, destined to put drivers and teams to the test in a day in which it will be absolutely necessary not to make mistakes. Marc Marquez is missing, still struggling with the diplopia that recurred after the accident of the Mandalika warm up, while Bagnaia must absolutely begin his run-up to the top of the standings before it is too late. Taka Nakagami, positive for Covid at the beginning of the week, recovered at the last minute but got the ok from the doctors to leave after an exam that showed the recovery of the Japanese.

Our LIVE chronicle of the FP1 MotoGP in Argentina will start at 5:35 pm, Stay Tuned!


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