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It’s a Beastly MotoGP World Championship what we are witnessing, because good or bad who is leaving their mark and is a candidate for the conquest of world title 2022 it has some kind of connection with the concept of a beast.

To begin with, there is The beast, the one with the definite article. We speak, of course, of Enea Bastianini. The 24-year-old from Rimini has just taken his second victory in four races, returning to the top of the world championship standings. At this point it is evident that what happened in Lusail was not an episode, but the Italian can really cherish the idea of ​​aiming for the big target. What is most impressive is the way with which his successes came. He doesn’t even look like an emerging second-year driver in the premier class, but a full-blown champion endowed with great experience, who knows in advance where, how and when to strike. All right, he rides a 2021 bike and competes in a satellite team, two big distance handicaps. Nonetheless, what we have seen so far empowers you to think big. If you don’t even dare in your ambitions, you will never get anywhere.

In some parts of Italy there is also a saying. The beasts bad they never die “. In this regard, the one who never dies in the current MotoGP is there Suzuki, which always comes in front of raffle or raffa. Joan Mir he is the only driver who has never dropped out of the top six, even though he has never been on the podium. Teammate Alex Rins for now he is doing better and has not yet run into a real blank. Watch out for the two Iberians from the House of Hamamatsu, because in a potentially bossless World Cup, like the one in 2020, their regularity could make the difference.

MotoGP, Enea Bastianini: “An amazing day. The first part of the race was tough, then I pushed like crazy “

The monsterMarc Marquezbecause what was achieved today was literally monstrous. He found himself next to last after Honda’s stammering at the start, but still finished sixth with a comeback from the past. Without the troubles in the first few meters, he who knows how it would have ended today. There is no doubt that in terms of talent the number one he is undisputed. A champion like MM93 is born every twenty years and, in the light of his superiority, he could very well try to recover and win the title. Someone like him, 40 points can be taken on anyone. However, he must remain healthy.

Finally there is El Diablo, the Devil, who in the jargon of the Christian religion is also called “Beast”. Fabio Quartararo, Reigning World Champion, is doing everything to not abdicate, but his asphyxiated Yamaha doesn’t help him much. Going forward at this rate, it will be hard to defend the title, but he must still be kept in the running at least for noblesse oblige. He may not be in a prime position, but he still has a few chips to throw on the table.

Alternatives to these five? If Francesco Bagnaia you want to add to the company must strike a shot quickly, otherwise the beasts that aspire to dominate the current MotoGP if it they will tear to pieces

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