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The Brembo preview of the MotoGP Indonesia GP 2022 follows

After an absence of 25 years, the World Championship returns to Indonesia, but compared to the 1996 and 1997 editions held in Sentul this time we are competing at the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit. According to Brembo technicians who work closely with all 24 riders in the premier class, it is one of the circuits that are on average demanding for the brakes. On a scale of 1 to 5, it earned a difficulty index of 3.

The Superbike World Championship has already debuted on this track last November for which the difficulty index is 4, that is, higher than the MotoGP. The track is very winding, with a second section being particularly fast, but the longest straight is just 507 meters and this should prevent it from exceeding 320 km / h.

Marchesini to improve in every situation

Also for the 2022 season, Marchesini forged magnesium rims equip two thirds of the bikes on the track in MotoGP, 8 out of 12 teams: the 5-spoke Y and 7-spoke variants for the front, 7 spokes. Since March 2000, Marchesini has been a company of the Brembo group with which it shares the same production site.

All these specimens descend from 3D multiforging with closed mold and heat treatment and guarantee maximum stiffness and minimum inertia. The weight saving ensured by the Marchesini wheels favors acceleration and handling when changing direction, as well as when entering a bend with the brake on, when cornering with roll up to 60 ° and when exiting a bend, always with the bike tilted.

Braking in 7 curves in a row

In 9 of the 17 corners of the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit, the MotoGP riders use the brakes for a total of 28 seconds per lap, the second lowest value in the first half of the championship after Sachsenring. For Superbike, the value is about half a second higher but the percentage of the race in which the brakes are working is the same, 31 percent.

From turn 3 to turn 9, the MotoGP riders use the brakes only once, at turn 7 and for less than 2 seconds, demonstrating the absence of large braking sections in this section. At no point on the track does the load on the brake lever exceed 5 kg and consequently the total load exerted by each driver from the start to the checkered flag is less than 8.3 quintals.

Minus 201 km / h in 4.4 seconds

Of the 9 braking sections of the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit, 2 are considered highly demanding on the brakes, as many are of medium difficulty and 5 are light.

Braking at the first corner is the hardest of the Grand Prix: MotoGP bikes go there at 304 km / h and slow down to 103 km / h through a load on the brake lever of 5 kg. To set the curve, the drivers brake for 4.4 seconds during which they travel 223 meters with a deceleration of 1.5.

Source images and texts: Brembo

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