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The Brembo preview of the Qatar GP 2022 of MotoGP follows

As per tradition, started in 2007 and interrupted only in 2020 due to the pandemic, MotoGP restarts from the Losail International Circuit. According to Brembo technicians who work closely with all 24 riders in the premier class, the Qatar track is one of the circuits on average demanding for the brakes. On a scale of 1 to 5, it earned a difficulty index of 3.

The night race allows you to admire the incandescence of the carbon discs in the most violent braking, a phenomenon usually masked in the afternoon races, even in the most demanding circuits for the brakes. To see hot discs in sunlight, they would have to raise their temperature by over 120 ° C.Bound

A new Brembo disc for MotoGP

The big news of the 2022 season is the introduction of 355 mm diameter Brembo carbon ventilated discs that flank the 320 mm and 340 mm models. Already successfully tested in Mandalika and Sepang, the new borns have been designed to be used on very severe circuits for the braking system.

In fact, the regulation establishes that for these safety circuits in the Spielberg, Motegi and Buriram circuits the riders will have to opt between these and the 340 mm ones, therefore not being able to choose the 320 mm discs which instead remain usable in all the other GPs. The restrictions are obviously not valid in the presence of a race declared wet because the braking intensity is lower. Bound

40 seconds of braking per lap

In 13 of the 16 corners of the Losail International Circuit, the use of brakes is required: this is the highest value of the season, exceeding 12 braking times per lap of Jerez and Misano Adriatico. The braking system’s operating time is also a record: 40 seconds per lap, 15 seconds more than the Sachsenring and Phillip Island.

From the start to the checkered flag, the brakes will therefore be used for just under 15 minutes, equivalent to 36 percent of the duration of the GP. Overall, during the race, each driver exerts a total load on the brake lever greater than one ton, the highest figure of all the extra-European tracks. Bound

From almost 350 km / h to 100 km / h in a flashBound

Of the 13 braking sections of the Losail International Circuit, 3 are considered highly demanding on the brakes while 4 are of medium difficulty and 6 are light.

Thanks to the 1,068-meter straight that precedes it, braking at the first corner after the finish is one of the most difficult in the entire World Championship: without a wake the MotoGP bikes reach it at 346 km / h and slow down to 102 km / h by exerting a load on the brake lever of 5.7 kg. To set the curve, the drivers brake for 5 and a half seconds during which they travel 258 meters. Bound

We have not forgotten

The Qatar GP marks the beginning of a new era because it is the first in which Valentino Rossi has chosen not to participate since 1996, the year of his debut in 125: since then only injuries have managed to prevent him from getting on the saddle, for joy. of millions of fans all over the world and also of Brembo, to which he has always remained loyal.

Yes, because in all the 432 GPs he raced, collecting 6,357 points and reaching the podium 235 times (all probably unsurpassed records), he has always ridden bikes equipped with Brembo brakes. It is impossible to forget the 65 poles, the 96 fastest laps, the 115 victories and his 9 world titles. Thanks Vale, we miss you. Bound

Source images and texts: Brembo

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