MotoGP: Zarco prefers a “slippery” Argentina, that’s why – News

After the podium in Indonesia, Johann Zarco arrived in Argentina charged with positivity. The Ducati Pramac rider will face, like his other colleagues, an unusual weekend which will start on Saturday instead of Friday. But the French are not worried.

Zarco: “Change of plans? No problem”

“We have received all the material – commented at the press conference – so we will proceed as usual. On the other hand, it will be worse for those who have not received anything in that the mechanics will have an extraordinary job to do. In any case, Saturday will be a great day and there will be enough rehearsals to test the track, but above all to clean it since we haven’t been here for a long time. It is usually a little slippery, but for sure I like this track and I think this changing program is good for achieving a good result ”.

“With the dirty track I go more”

Zarco then spoke memories that has on this track: “I have great memories of Moto2 in Argentina, – he said – so I feel quite comfortable here. In 2017 I made a good result with Yamaha, then in 2019 with Ducati it was more difficult. It was two long years without Argentina. After the podium in Indonesia I have a good boost, but we need to understand the situation a little, because the program has changed, we have to be smart and go as fast as possible to prepare for qualifying. There will be to understand how dirty the track will beeven if it is more difficult, I am able to find the limits in this situation while when the grip is greater I can’t push enough “.

“The lowering device is not dangerous”

The Frenchman then expressed his opinion on the possibility, in the future, of extending the race weekends from three to two days: “We talked about it with the team and yesterday it was said that in fact two days could be enough. To work and progress as a driver and also on a technical level three days are better, but if you decide for two days in the future, you will save money. I think it would be good for the show, but not for the sport ”. Here then the conversation turned to Ducati front device which will be banned from next season: “We will have to use it well this year to have an advantage, I think it is interesting for development. When Ducati brought him he had interesting impressions and the other teams were able to study him too, I don’t think it was a development that made the bike dangerous. Too bad for Ducati, but we will adapt. “

Finally on the new chicane of the Red Bull Ring:“They did a great job. – he concluded – In the safety commission we had asked for a chicane. I hope nobody will forget to do it! As the track is like we will have time to get into fourth gear and then we will do the chicane and then we will arrive at the exit in third, in short, it will be a Formula 1 track ”.

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