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The Giallorossi coach at the press conference: “He is back injured by the national team and will not be available. Spinazzola will be back in the group, but there is no precise date.”

Back to the championship and the Rome is expected from the home game of the Sampdoria Of Giampaolo. The team of Mourinho is called to confirm the clear victory in the derby and hit the tenth consecutive useful result, possibly with a victory that would allow us to cling to the dream Champions. The Giallorossi coach takes the floor at the press conference a Trigoria, among the training doubts linked above all to the conditions – physical and not only – of Nicolò Zaniolo.


About Zaniolo and Spinazzola? “On Spinazzola the news is positive, but it seems that you are trying to have a match or a date in which we can say that he will be back and this is impossible. He has not trained with the team for too many months, he will start training with the team now, little by little, in a progressive manner. They are all happy, but calm. We cannot or want to say that we have in mind when he returns. The player is super happy, this is the most important thing. Zaniolo is injured, he arrived injured by the national team on Thursday , with a problem with his flexors and has not trained in these three days, and as an obvious consequence he is not available for tomorrow. Even those who came back yesterday like Vina and Felix are ok. “

Veretout? “He didn’t train with the team today either, we don’t have to say what we can’t say but he’s not available for tomorrow.”

How is Zaniolo experiencing this moment? “It was the second question, I knew it, I had written it (Mourinho smiles, shows a piece of paper and gets up to deliver it to the journalist ndc). I want to talk only about us, what happens in the national team does not comment on principle. Even if you have questions about the national team, I immediately say that I am very sorry that Italy is not in the World Cup. Obviously I would have cheered Portugal in the final, of course, but as a person who loves Italy and respects Italian football history, I’m sorry a World Cup without her. For my part, there is nothing to say about the players who go to the national team. There are many players who go to the bench with their clubs, a game or every now and then, and that’s normal and natural. I don’t see this type of question with other clubs or coaches. Zaniolo went once on the bench with Lazio, we adapted a different strategy with a goal of winning and we did it. There is no story. After he goes to the national team, what happened there is not for me to comment on. He arrived here on Thursday with a problem with his flexors, we cannot control what is happening in the national team. We can comment on it but I don’t want to. He has not trained from Thursday to today, he is the first to say that he is not available. I don’t want to say more, there is no story. I don’t see you asking Allegri why he doesn’t play Bernardeschi or why he doesn’t play Peppino, or Inzaghi why he doesn’t play Dzeko. Here there are obsessions for Zaniolo’s situation, it’s simple, there’s nothing to say. If you want to know more, call Nicolò or his entourage of him who I hope will tell the truth and the truth is that he arrived on Thursday from the national team with a problem with his flexors. “

Do you have an explanation for the decline in our football and this crisis? “I have an opinion but I don’t want to share it, it is based on my experience in Italy at two different times and abroad in England and Spain “.

Why would it be uncomfortable? “No, it would not be ethical. If someone who has responsibilities or institutional power asks me for a private opinion, I give it with pleasure, because I had a very good time in Italy. And if I can share my experience I am available, but I will not feed a public judgment “.

After some good victories, Roma often drew the next game: does this worry you?“Sometimes a draw is not a disaster, sometimes it is the result of a difficult opponent who plays to ‘steal’ points, with respect. Sometimes a tie isn’t as bad as it may seem. But I agree that it can happen to a team that does not yet have a mentality of knowing what it is to play to try and win something. When you are used to this mentality you understand that every game and every point is important and if you have a drop in concentration you lose a point here and one there and in the end maybe you don’t win for these drops. Yesterday we talked about it a bit, the only derby that interests us is that of next season. Now we are not interested in the past one, except for the fact that we have taken the three points, we just have to focus on Sampdoria and that beautiful stadium, the difficulties and a coach as good as Giampaolo, a beautiful team that still needs points to stay calm. . And if we want to win the game it is not the square and the opponent where we can go below our potential. We have to play really well if we want to win. “

Is the three-man defense a set-up that will also confirm next season? Is playing with two men behind Abraham also definitive?

“(addressing the journalist, editor’s note) After hearing you on the radio yesterday I would have expected a more aggressive, violent and critical question, not an easy one. The conclusion is that on the radio you are super aggressive and then you come here and get a little shit. under in front of me. Playing three is a situation that has given stability to the team, I think it is also suited to the characteristics of the players we have. Thinking of El Shaarawy or Zalewski as full backs no, as fifths yes, just to give an example . The team has stability and playing with three has given us this stability that we have been missing for a long time. Tomorrow yes we will continue like this, next season I don’t know, it depends on many things. It is not that we played with two behind Abraham, there is also a situation of adaptation to the opponents. We analyzed the Lazio that we know very well and I had decided to play with Oliveira and Cristante more control, with Mkhitaryan and Pellegrini there. But we have both Felix and Shomurodov, not to mention Zan iolo, who can play in that position “.

Given the many investigations that are involving the high-ranking teams, getting behind there immediately can be important. What do you think?“It’s not my job, it’s not something that can change the way I work and think. It is clear to the players that we can finish fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth, finishing fifth or eighth is ‘dramatically’ different because fifth place it means the Europa League and the eighth nothing. This is why we have to go all the way with the ambition to score as many points as possible looking for the best possible classification. “

For expected goals Roma are third, so there is a lot of offensive production: does this increase the regrets or reduce the gap?“Unfortunately it is a virtual ranking, but all this data can be interpreted and can help you think. Obviously we know that we are a team that creates, that it is offensive, that could have achieved different results but it is all virtual. And football is very objective. , simple, whoever scores the most wins and has the most points. We have to look at this data in this way, virtually, but it also gives you information that is not new to us, but it is the way we work and try to win games . We need continuity, we have had nine league games without defeat, but maybe we could have had a few more points by turning a draw into a win. But don’t worry, there is a lot to do and work on. “

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